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On the Power Kite Forum, there are:
311595 posts
30859 topics
42 forums (37 active)
10517 members

Top 5 most viewed topics:
Good Trader List (162781)
Crossing Antarctica With Kite Buggies (113710)
DC Area riders (110749)
My next nasa wing (87093)
Sullivan's Island (86149)

Top 5 most replied to topics:
Good Trader List (1204)
DC Area riders (1031)
Crossing Antarctica With Kite Buggies (872)
What did you do with your kite today? (661)
Sullivan's Island (591)

5 Latest Topics:
New Kite for Wingfoil. (last post on 9-7-2024 at 06:52 AM)
From the Brink of Death (last post on 28-6-2024 at 07:19 AM)
Video channel of Juan Valdez (last post on 23-6-2024 at 09:42 PM)
Getting Old (last post on 23-6-2024 at 06:30 AM)
Before you ask, What kite Should I buy? (last post on 23-6-2024 at 06:19 AM)

The most popular forum is Kites, Lines and Accessories with 70104 posts and 5831 topics

29.63 posts per member
7,419.90 posts per forum
9.10 replies per thread
39.85 posts per day
1.34 new members per day
51.71% of all members have posted.

Nobody has posted today, and as such there is no best member.

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