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Board Rules
By registering as a member of the Power Kite Forum, you agree to the following Terms Of Use.

If you do not agree with or feel that you can adhere to the policies posted here, do not register for membership on this forum.

1. General Use:

1.1. The Power Kite Forum (PKF) is intended purely as a power kiting/kite traction sports information forum and knowledge base. Please only post comments related to kites and the various forms of kite traction sports. Refrain from off-topic postings such as political, religious or romantic subjects.

1.2. DO NOT CROSS POST! Pick the single most relative category and post your comments there. Duplications will be removed.

1.3. Post in the most relative category. Inappropriately placed threads will be moved without notice.

1.4. Do not bump threads (posting for the sake of moving a thread to the top of the list). Making empty posts devalue the forum.

1.5. DO NOT POST LINKS TO SIMILAR-TOPIC FORUMS (ie. forums that cover similar subjects such as power kiting, kite traction sports, kite traction events, power kites and gear) or links to websites that include repeated-topic forums.

1.6. Do not link to threads located on other forums. It is better to answer a person\'s question here for the benefit of our membership than to send them bouncing around the Web. If you are not willing to type out your answer and post it in this forum, please allow someone else to answer who is.

1.7. Please remember that some of our members are young. Do not post profanity or attempt to circumvent the profanity filter.

1.8. Do not post copyrighted or trademarked material without the express permission of the owner.

1.9. Do not post personal information about other members.

1.10. Do not post hard or soft pornographic links or images.

1.11. Do not post Warez or make illegal transactions.

2. Commercial Use:

2.1. This forum is NOT a commercial market place. Do not use this forum to advertise commercial businesses or services, link to commercial web sites, or list promotions or products for sale by dealer or manufacturer. Store owners may post private party sales in the For Sale category - items must be listed with prices. Additionally, we ask that discussions are conducted on the forum (in thread or U2U) and that the author adds \"SOLD\" to the end of the thread title once the sale is complete.

2.2. A tasteful kite store/manufacturer promotion IS allowed in the Kite Review categories ONLY in the concluding comments of a detailed, informative kite product review (of 2 full paragraphs or longer).

2.3. Also read item 3.3.

3. Profiles and Signatures:

3.1. Please limit the size of your posting signature to 15 lines or less. NO images!

3.2. Only kite-related web links are allowed in member profiles and posting signatures. NO links to similar-topic forums.

3.3. No more than one (1) commercial link is allowed in your posting signature. URL only - no link text. No promotional score.

3.4. Do not post products for sale or links to product purchase pages in your posting signature.

4. Spam and Flaming:

4.1. No spamming allowed! Spammers will have their threads removed, membership terminated and IP address banned immediately and without notice.

4.2. Flaming (an abusive personal attack) is NOT tolerated! Although opinions on kite-related topics are encouraged, negative comments against members/moderators and comments intended to start an argument with other members are not allowed. Posts considered to be inflammatory will be removed without notice or explanation.

4.3. Do not post racial, ethnic, or gender based insults or other personal discrimination in forum threads or member profiles.

4.4. Do not send U2U\'s to attack, threaten or spam our members. Reported abusers will have their U2U privileges revoked.

5. Images and Movies:

5.1. Images posted to this forum must have a maximum width of 700px and a maximum file size of 300k.

5.2. Member avatars must be 100w x 125h pixels or smaller.

5.3. Do not post hard or soft pornographic images in forum threads or member avatars.

5.4. Only kite-related YouTube movie links. All others will be removed.

6. Complaints:

6.1. If you have a complaint about our staff or an abusive member, please inform us by sending a U2U to PKF - do NOT post complaints in the general forums. When reporting abuse, send as much detail as possible with an indication of which policy you believe the member has broken.

7. Miscellaneous:

7.1. The Power Kite Forum administrator reserves the right to edit or remove any posts that are deemed to be inappropriate by our staff without explanation or notification of the action taken. We also reserve the right to restrict or ban any member who violates our posting policies or is deemed to be a drain of moderator resources. A moderator\'s decision to edit, delete, ban or restrict is final. Members who abuse this forum will be restricted or banned and their behavior reported to their ISP. Really!

7.2. Changes to these policies may be made by the forum administrator at any time and reposted to the rules page for review by the membership. A general announcement will be made in the Forum Announcements category. Submission of registration or continued use of this forum by registered member constitutes an acknowledgment and acceptance of these rules by the member.

7.3. All views expressed on in this forum are the views of the author of the post and do not necessarily reflect the views and opinions of the Power Kite Forum owners or moderators. We accept absolutely no responsibility for comments posted on this forum.

8. Conclusion:

The Power Kite Forum is provided as a free, non-biased, non-affiliated kite community resource website. We believe in a minimalist approach to moderation and encourage open sharing of power kiting knowledge and experience in a friendly, supportive environment. Please help us achieve this goal by adhering to these rules.

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