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Author: Subject: Flexifoil 2.4m Sting II - review and video


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[*] posted on 5-5-2009 at 03:53 PM
Flexifoil 2.4m Sting II - review and video

This is my first attempt at writing a review/making a kite video/posting to YouTube.com. So it's 3 for 1 here:

For those who don't know my short history on PKF, I have been a member for 10 days. My Sig Other just recently joined in and she's hooked too. I bought 2 new kites right out of the gate and a 3rd one (used) a week later. The 2 new kites are a 4m Beamer IV and this Flexifoil 2.4m Sting II. My thinking was not a "his and hers" setup but rather a "starter pair" of kites that would offer diversity of function, i.e. why have 2 of the same right? If 3m is the concensus favorite for a starter kite then a "starter pair" would be 2 kites, one slightly less 3m and one just a bit over 3m (in my mind anyway) While I was at it I wanted 2 different brands. I also took into consideration that we have a flyer = 130lbs and another at 185 lbs. Both of us have some experience with 2 liners but that's it. That's the logic behind the choices. Angus (Coastal Wind Sports) was advising all along and I trusted him to keep me from doing something stupid.. like "you know I really want to jump high and far and safe with my first kite, can I do that with a 3m such and such for less than $150 bucks?

Enough for background so I'll focus on the Flexi 2.4m Sting II:

First of all I have never received a kite packed in a box. My kites all came in stiff plasctic bags with a button snap on the bag, right? You know the $10, $20 , even $30 dollar models. This Flexi and extras are in its own sack which was all in it's own plastic shipping bag. Getting past all that, when I first heard the crispy sound of the kite material and then I saw the vivid colors, I know my face lit up. Then there's the smell of newness. That first instant when your expectations become vivid reality. You see it, you hear it, you smell it, "gee it's lighter than I thought!" From that second forward this is a conversion from "new-ness to mine". The materials, the stitching, the finishing details were impressive. All of these criteria are the non-verbal response to the newbie question, "Why do these things cost so much?" All lines, handlies, kite killers are clearly marked, numbered, and color coded. You flip through the book (you should) just to confirm that this is as easy as you think it is. You'll see some obvious warnings and disclaimers but the idea here is respect and use your head... for thinking not landing! So back to the kite. I have never seen string, cord, or in this case, lines like these. Again you have to mumble to yourself, "Wow I had no idea." You first inspection of all items will end with a seal of approval. Guaranteed. This is a kite by definition but more specifically this is a high tech, cutting edge, piece of materials engineering and design that you just know "This baby will fly!" Memories of running like a child dragging your diamond kite on the ground like a flatrock are just that..... memories. This is a flying wonder.

I am not well versed enough to go too far into the technical specs. I do know from my reading that this kite is a moderate A/R kite that is considered a 'beginner' kite, not too aggressive, not too lifty, and that it is said to be able to absorb the force of gusts that you will encounter. Sure, if you put enough wind to a brick, it's going to fly and fly hard but generally I felt this kite would be a safe way to start. Now let's talk about this term "Beginner". Who wants to be a beginner? Does anybody ever say "Beginners are cool" Beginners rock"? I have been competetive most of my life and in my middle aged mind I still am (but I'm not really); I still think i'm a little bit better than the next guy. "Yeah I am a beginner but I am closer to intermediate than that clutz!" OK, let me tell you straight for the heart and from the damaged ego. I AM the BEGINNER; this kite if for beginners but it is very capable of delivering the power! This beginner kite will challange the newbie to the point that your heart will race, you'll scream, grunt, strain,struggle, and stumble. Take a look at the video when you're ready. In 10+mph, this kite is a blast. At the same time on that day in that wind, I never felt afraid for me or my partner. The kite is stable, well behaved, and trustworthy. I think I'd say that in this case. You just get the feeling that it can bark but never bite. Oh I knew we might stumble or drop from fatigue, but the kite is an excellent kite with enough to thrill a newbie and enought o keep an experienced flyer quite entertained I am sure. Now this is in 10 to 12 mph... maybe a bit more at times. This kite is said to be able to perform (as long as the flyer can) in relatively high winds. You can go look this up and read for yourselves.
From a performance consideration it delivers smooth power, seems to me to have a rather large power window, can give a good pull, and is just a plain rock solid performer.

Flexifoil offers a 30 day no questions asked "free fix it" card. No matter what happens they will repair or replace the kite within 30 days from purchase.
At first, I thought yeah well that's nice but well OK fine whatever. Let me tell you, as lite and gentle and sweet and kind as you may be taking your new baby out of its cocoon, you WILL (if you are a newbie) just crush this thing into the ground. And when you get it back in the air and promise yourself that you will not over react like that again, you'll slip across from one side to another right smack in the strongest part of the power window on the strongest gust of the day and you WILL overreact! AGAIN!!! You are a beginner! OK I confess... I am a beginner. I mean this feather like whiff of a foil will crash into the earth with a thud. On the first day (keep my self out of trouble), on the very first couple of flights, I thought Wendy was going to punch a freakin' hole in the Earth. The kite suvived... we all did.
Trust me... especially if you are a newbie, you will come home after your first flight and dig thru the bag and make sure you have you "free fix it" card.

Finally, there's the fun factor. This is a qualitative not a quantitative factor. I'll let you be the judge. Take a look at the video of my sig other (forum member Winkie) flying the Sting. This is on her second day, nice wind (~10mph-12mph). Let me know how you'd rate the fun factor!

Well enough said... I think the Flexi 2.4m Sting II is just perfect for what I wanted as 1 of a set of 2 starter kites. The 4m Beamer IV.... we'll talk about that in another post.


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[*] posted on 5-20-2009 at 01:14 AM

thanks for a well written, and very informative review :)
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[*] posted on 4-24-2016 at 06:55 PM

thanks for everything

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