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Author: Subject: 2021 Buggy Kite roundup


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[*] posted on 7-11-2021 at 05:52 PM
2021 Buggy Kite roundup

Current available kites that I know of that are good to go with the buggy. If you know of any other kites that can be bought and are good with the buggy; post what you know.

Starting off with price; and for the price and being in new condition; it can't be beat. I used to own nearly a full set. Had them all except the 6 and 7. Have buggied with the 6 and 7 though. Local kiter has a full set as his main buggy kites. I gave mine away one by one to locals on a budget who buggy with us. So they are still in use.

These kites will clock 30+mph on the gps when used with the buggy. Sure they could do more but at my spot; I have to turn around by the time I get up to speed.


I was extremely glad to see the Hornet is now available as kite only as an option to help get the price down!


The new version apparently features "refined profile and improved deck shape make the Hornet 5 (V) fly smoother than the previous Hornet."

I've had version 2, 3 and 4 of the Hornets in the past. Plan on the 5's in the future.


The Beamer is also an excellent choice. If your impression or experience with the Beamer is from the first or second one when they were slow; the new ones are not and will run with any of them. I would absolutely take a Beamer up against a Flux or Hornet and feel confident about winning.


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[*] posted on 7-12-2021 at 08:53 AM

I believe Flexifoil is making the Blade again in limited sizes
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[*] posted on 7-12-2021 at 12:18 PM

I own a slingshot B4 and B6 kite. Both are obsolete now but the B4 is one of my favorite kites for using with the buggy. It is super stable. If the wind is 20 mph+ and I am hooked in standing on the beach, I can take my hands off the bar and take a drink or tighten my belt. It produces great pull and goes upwind great. Mine came as a 3 line kite. The B6 is not used nearly as much. It becomes overpowering quickly, when the B4 is still spot on. Lately I use the B6 static on the beach for a full body workout. I do a move I call the Olympic torch in which I hold the bar out like they do when lighting that thing. Except I do a one handed kite loop (unhooked), then repeat with the other arm. Make sure you know your skills and wind because this could be dangerous if overpowered. If it is too windy for the B4 in the buggy, I use a Rage 2.5. The B2 and B3 are sold as 2-line kites. There is an upgrade under the kite parts section to make them 3-line. I can't confirm the B2 or B3 perform like my B4 under higher wind.

Also - not an ad for slingshot but under their kite parts section some bridle parts are dirt cheap and contain pulleys, pigtails, and much more (I bought some a while back)


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