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Author: Subject: How much power is overpowered?

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question.gif posted on 4-9-2018 at 11:23 PM
How much power is overpowered?

Like the title says, how much is too much? When I go flying, my favorite conditions is when at full sheet in the kite has enough pull will slide out the buggy or landboard tires. I usually ride with the kite most of the way sheeted in to dump power in gusts. I like to think I ride on the edge of powered going into overpowered.

I have a friend who is still pretty new, and despite weighing as much as me, insists on a kite size smaller. He definitely moves, but not nearly as fast. He says he can barely hold down the kite.

This got me thinking, is there an objective measure of overpowered and underpowered while kiting? The way I think of it is underpowered is a struggle to get moving, normally powered is when upwind is easy and you can hold down the kite, and overpowered is sliding out and lofting.

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[*] posted on 5-9-2018 at 12:46 AM

If you are being dragged face first through the sand or you are looking down at the ground from 10' up wondering how you got here then you are overpowered :D

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[*] posted on 5-9-2018 at 02:19 AM

I used to think over powered was when I launch the kite, I have a hard time getting back to my buggy to sit in it. Now i have realized that with the right conditions, if you are buggying and trying to hold the proper line and you are going sideways more than holding your line, you are over powered. At that point I have learned and been instructed by a great man, Buggy Danny to go down a size in kite and I will be faster in the same wind. He was spot on and I have greatly appreciated this little bit of knowledge to help push me to higher speeds.

Unk is also right :D

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[*] posted on 5-9-2018 at 05:06 AM

if your not scared...your not overpowered
being down a size lets you fly the kite more which is more fun than a park and ride

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[*] posted on 5-9-2018 at 06:40 AM

However you are feeling is a combination of kite selection, ride selection and conditions(wind and riding surface). That said, different skill level and sanity level pilots flying under the same kite and conditions will define things quite differently.
I typically like to stay in the buggy. When i start grabbing the side rail with hand it might be time to check the kite. Your ride also makes quite a difference too. I've been overpowered in my small PL bug then taken a ride in GLX's MG Supra and feel like i could go up a kite.

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[*] posted on 5-9-2018 at 07:50 PM

On a beach, overpowered is like Rich said, it's dragging you sideways or you're having to fly the kite overhead to reduce power

On a dry lake, the same applies depending on your mission. In the end, overpowered on a dry lake means you can't edge upwind and you can't slow down. I learned after about 4 years on Ivanpah that the last two options were to turn as much downwind as possible to end the power from the kite and the final option is to ditch the kite or go to safety if you still can't slow down or you're out of downwind room.

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[*] posted on 5-9-2018 at 10:39 PM

In the winter on our frozen lakes, being overpowered on bare ice will come way before deep snow. You can hold down a ton of power in deep, wet or firm snow. When my mission is speed, being overpowered is preferred. Your simply not going to break any speed records flying in moderate winds. I find LEI's shine in overpowered conditions due to the ability to dump nearly all power at a moment's notice.

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[*] posted on 5-9-2018 at 10:40 PM

Beeing Overpowered changes with your skill level and what you doing
I did use 18m in 30mph wind and 9 m in 55mph wind but it was on water and for one pourpos only .... to jump as high as I can .
So it derpends what you are doing at the moment ......
Relaxing ride along Wildwood beach can become easly a stressfull fight to make you buggy go in straight line ..... another day same conditions make you want more power becouse you are trying for personal best speed...

If you are riding for an hour and you feel like you just run a marathon .... you are overpowered !!!!n lol ..... That is why I take a brake every hour ......

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[*] posted on 6-9-2018 at 04:24 AM

i'd say too much power is when your activity becomes inefficient or unmanageable.
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[*] posted on 6-9-2018 at 10:39 AM

Redsky puts it well. I would add that if you are in danger and/or a hazard to those around you because you can't manage the power any longer, you are overpowered.

Or, if you can't maintain reasonable control via placement in the window, you are over powered.

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[*] posted on 12-9-2018 at 02:20 PM

I call it when I can not hold my ground even when the kite is down the side almost to the ground. If I struggle to walk upwind to my buggy I feel I am getting overpowered. In the same wind I feel I am just perfectly powered to start trying to jump on ATB. I am blessed with mostly clean winds.

Size for gusts. NOT the average winds.

Your friend may not know how to work the wind window as effectively as you?

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[*] posted on 12-9-2018 at 06:29 PM

It's kind of like cars, you got two ways to generate power, cubic displacement or RPMs. I prefer the latter. Little kite and work the hell out of it! FB 4 LIFE


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[*] posted on 18-9-2018 at 07:09 PM

If you are on sand and you have to sheet all the way in** to not slide at speed you are overpowered. If you cannot execute a turn without sliding you are overpowered.

Whenever you slide you are scrubbing speed. If you cannot prevent the sliding someone else who can will pass you. Do you really want that to happen?


**this is depower, of course

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[*] posted on 19-9-2018 at 08:39 AM

When you're using a 6.5m Nasa wing (NPW) on 25 ft lines in winds 15+ mph on a frozen lake , so you have enough power to jump over rough ice /snow patches....'cause these kites don't normally have any lift.... unless you are overpowered and counter turn away.

Lots of extra edging- in... with blade or ski edges. Sharp edges a must! (Also some rest stops..especiall if flying unhooked...which I often do for jumps)

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[*] posted on 26-9-2018 at 01:25 PM

Hey look, someone else with one of those Pink and Yellow NPWs. I also agree with the resting when flying NPWs on handles and unhooked, serious arm pump :)

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[*] posted on 26-9-2018 at 03:14 PM

You have a pink and yellow one...? Wonder where you got it?;)


*Size for gusts. NOT the average winds.

*...One of the most important rules for not being overpowered.

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