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Author: Subject: Flexifoil Blurr 2.5m 2017 Review


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[*] posted on 11-22-2017 at 03:56 AM
Flexifoil Blurr 2.5m 2017 Review

Introduction to me, the reviewer :
I consider myself an experienced KiteBuggyer having flown many fixed bridle kites over the years and have been looking for a 2.5m intermediate yet stable kite for a while.
I couldnt find any reviews on the Blurr 2017, but based my decision on the older model online reviews I could find.
I usually buy my kites secondhand, but got a good deal on this one new.
I also have no problem in selling my kites to move onto others if they suit my flying style better.
But for now Im keeping this one and hope to buy the 3.5m soon.
I drive a very heavily modified Flexifoil buggy (30kg) with bigfoots all round. I weigh around 78kg. I like doing ground freestyle tricks (on flat beach) and Freeride through the dunes.
So, I am NOT a racer or cruiser, although I do go quite fast sometimes, until its too scary for me.
I presently fly Ozone Method and Peter Lynn Reactor II, Flexifoil being new to me. I mainly fly on the beach, and in the dunes with a minimum of 15 knots to max 30 knots.
I was looking for a 2.5m because I found the PL RIIs (2.2m and 2.8m) too nervous and unstable so I sold them quite quickly. I mostly fly my Method 3m and RII 3.5m and like having only 0.5m as a step between the kites in these smaller sizes. Unfortunately most manufacturers keep that gap too large for my taste so Im obliged to mix my quiver with different models.

Kite Design :
Fixed Bridle foil with 21 Cells (like the Ozone Methods) and a flat aspect Ratio of 4.2 (like PL RII & Ozone Method).
The kites (structural) design is in my opinion old school, having no internal D ribs and lots of toming being the classic three rows (A,B,C) necessary to incorporate the changeable Angle of Attack. Power line toming attaches to all the ribs (except the first from wing tips) and also the break lines are present on the end of every rib. Only the last three cells on either side are closed on the leading edge whilst all the others are covered with a mesh.
Velcro bridle Tab in the centre of trailing edge, Velcro dirtouts in wing tips.
AOA adjuster (triple A bridle adjuster as they call it) to trim kite in 4 positions to vary speed n lift. Simple but well made.
Personally I like the Graphics design a lot.
I can confirm a good quality build, as many mentioned is usual for Flexifoil.
I believe that the physical design of the Blurr hasnt changed since it was first brought out in 2008 ?
I havent owned any previous versions so cannot be sure, but judging from online images, I believe that only minor improvements have been made over the years, such as the AOA adjuster has been modified to have plastic spacer rings instead of knots. That combined with newer materials and stronger bridle attachments, I believe is it. I guess they thought if something is good why change it, right ?

Possible Improvements :
As an industrial designer myself, I would have liked to see the 2017 model to at least have some internal D ribs, with consequently less toming and
also more closed cells on the leading edge. Less Toming looks nicer, cleaner and is easier to untangle if you have to.
More closed cells would probably further increase stability and downwind performance to be on par with Ozone method.
Instead of just one central velcro bridle tab on the trailing edge. I would prefer two so that the kite can be layed out completely flat when preparing before attaching lines.

Bag :
One of the things they did change (not that I care for kite bags at all). Still a nice bag. Simple.
Big (enough for at least 4 kites this size) tubular rucksack made of very sturdy, waterproof material with a top lid.
No extra pockets or zips, just the one big compartment with extra pull-cord in top.
Personally, I store my kites side by side in a horizontal bag for easier access, each one in its own draw-string sack.
Oh, the kite doesnt come with a compression strap, pity.

Flight :
So far I have flown this kite for one day, in a 5 hour session, on the beach and in the dunes with a kitebuggy in 22 to 28 Knots, gusting up to max. 34 knots, so more than enough time and wind to get a good feel of it.
I also consider this wind speed ideal for this size kite. The kite was flown on the second AOA setting (factory setting) with 15m lines & short ozone handes (I bought it Kite only)
The kite has good upwind performance. I would say tighter than 45 degrees against the wind (on the second AOA setting)
I also put it in the first setting (which should be even better upwind, less lift), but found it prone to a little luffing due to the wind conditions & gusts.
Nothing drastic that cant be controlled by some brake input, but under the circumstances I didnt feel like risking anything so I put it back to second position (factory setting).
In that setting not once did it overfly or luff, even in the dunes, and I like thrashing kites around.
I didnt dare put it on any of the more lifty settings under the wind speed and dune turbulence I was driving through,
although I am curious to try it out around 20 knots being set to more lift to see if it gets closer to a 3m in power.
Very reactive, fast turning kite, as you would naturally expect from a small 2.5m. Turns perfectly on brake lines and lands very easily.
Once parked on the ground it also sits very stable indeed. One ground stake on brake lines is enough.
I only added some sand on trailing edge to go drink a cup of tea, just to be sure.
Downwind takeoff is safe, with only a little slide as it powers to zenith. I was afraid I would be dragged much more doing this.
At Zenith and window edges it is very stably parked there. Park & ride also very stable, with that bit of extra power when you ad some brake input.
Great little kite to throw around aggressively - giving it speed you really can boost the power delivery.
Handles gusts well, with reasonably smooth power up instead of pop. I guess the larger sizes will be smoother as they are also slower in acceleration.
Downwind performance is also very good, the kite stays inflated well, and you can keep it moving quite easily.
Downwind is important for me to be able to navigate through the dunes, since you cant always choose where you want to go, having to follow the path.
Being an intermediate kite it does deliver more power per square m than beginners, and less than the race kites.
I did get lifted out of the buggy once, due to pilot error & driving over a dune bump too fast, which helped the launch.
I was pleasantly surprised that I landed on my feet very nicely instead of being dropped out of the air, and that for a 2.5m.
For the rest no lift problems, although driving in the dunes inherently has uplift zones, so only thrash it around where its safer.
They advertise the Blurr as a a kite with one mission - speed, well, for me its more than fast enough, but if you really want more speed get a race kite and enter into a total different category.
If you want to compare - I find its performance very similar to the Ozone Methods even though their plan shapes are quite different.
It is definitely a well behaved, intermediate good allround Kite buggy engine, and for me - a keeper.
I now want to replace my RII 3.5 with a Blurr 3.5m. I think that says enough.
Because of its easy handling It could be a beginners kite if flown in less wind and on longer lines to reduce sensibility and reactivity.
Everybody flies in different conditions, and has different flying styles & preferences, so I hope this helps you in making a decision if this kite is right for you, or not.

Blurr1.jpg - 189kB Blurr2.jpg - 138kB Blurr3.jpg - 164kB

Triple-A-adjuster.jpg - 185kB
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[*] posted on 11-22-2017 at 06:23 AM

Wow - great review. Welcome to PKF!

NPW Test Pilot -US99
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[*] posted on 11-22-2017 at 12:57 PM

It's good to be here and finally give back a bit to the community, after years of reading so many helpfull reviews, comments and advice.

Anybody have experience / comparison with the previous Blurrs ? differences ?
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[*] posted on 11-22-2017 at 05:52 PM

welcome aboard Barro :thumbup::thumbup:
gotta admit i never thought about my kites that much...but i do talk to them

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