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Author: Subject: New idea?


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[*] posted on 7-11-2017 at 06:13 AM
New idea?

This was on the tv last night,


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[*] posted on 7-11-2017 at 07:49 AM

Wow would have never thought of that myself:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D

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[*] posted on 7-11-2017 at 08:09 AM

Pfffff That's not a boat and a kite

THIS is a boat and a kite :D

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[*] posted on 7-11-2017 at 08:23 AM

If you look around on his web page you will find my video.

Worked better with my NPW 21

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[*] posted on 7-11-2017 at 08:40 AM

Quote: Originally posted by Unk  
Pfffff That's not a boat and a kite

THIS is a boat and a kite :D

Sky Sails

Way to rock your inner Crocidile Dundee! Loved that video. Cool how they were working the apparent wind angle by driving the kite through figure eights. The folks involved in the SkySails venture were brainy highly engineers. I was struck by how small the kite seemed relative to the absolutely enormous mass of the cargo ship. I'm wondering if the limiting factor is the connection point of the kite mast to the ship as they made a point of that interface in the video. There would be some enormous torques there.

As for the "inventor" featured in the original TV clip posted by Jeff, he might want to try out that Google thing and notice what else is out there. :saint:

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[*] posted on 7-11-2017 at 05:14 PM

We were doing this with Kayaks about 15 years ago. Worked quite well but there were some serious issues. Main one is that the Kayak would gain so much speed it would out-run the kite unless you turned directly downwind which made things even worse. Solved that issue a bit with dropping a large sea anchor behind to add lots of drag to the boat. Also you needed to add in a huge skag to the bottom or if you got to the side the kite would just rip you off or roll you over. I realize the kayak is not the same as a paddle board but I feel the results would be the same if not worse. Still, if the wind was the right direction it was quite fun.

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[*] posted on 7-11-2017 at 05:53 PM

I think Corey's Dad patented the bar in the mid 90's.
Peter Lynn came out with the kite boat , kite cat' shortly after that.


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[*] posted on 7-11-2017 at 08:05 PM

@awindofchange - By staying back on the paddle board and tipping the rail I was able to make tracks pretty much across the wind with my NPW 21 (2.9 M). Turning was pretty easy, though I did lose ground upwind. I think with side thrusters and bigger kites on my SUP I may be able to improve on that. Problem with kayaks generally is lack of lateral resistance so it is hard to do anything other than a mainly downwind course. Here is one of my GPS tracks from the day the video was shot.

Tue4.11.17NPW 21 .png - 177kB

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