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Author: Subject: Hello from newbie and snowboard info

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[*] posted on 3-20-2017 at 05:15 AM
Hello from newbie and snowboard info

Hi, I'm new to the forum and also to snowkiting. I have been a snowboarder for 20years but only just picked up a couple of kites, as this looks like a whole load of new fun!

I am only 5'2" and 150lbs but have always ridden a much bigger board than the norm for my size - I currently ride a Rome Agent 154. Wondering if there are any differences when it comes to board sizing when used with a kite compared to regular snowboarding? So if I currently ride the 154 for regular snowboarding, would this still be OK for snowkiting?

Cheers, Paul
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[*] posted on 3-20-2017 at 07:29 AM

Hi Paul,

Welcome to the forum! I've never been a snowboarder but have been a lifelong skier and have been a snowkiter. One big answer to your question will depend on what sort of snow conditions you plan to kite in. If consistently loose dry powder is your answer then I'd think any board you are comfortable on will do fine. If however you are on hard packed snow that you could set an edge into I'd imagine you may have some challenges ahead.

On skis your edges are somewhat akin to a keel in sailing. You are bracing against the pull of the kite as you race more or less sideways to the wind. What you are doing in essence is performing one long racing carve akin to a ski racer in the downhill. Longer skis with a very long radius side cut (think > 40m) work best since you want to set your edge but you don't want to turn upwind. A ski with a shorter turning radius (< 20m) will continuously hook upwind and screw up your line.

Most snowboards I've seen have a pretty short side cut. I suspect if you set an edge that they will hook upwind like regular skis will. Again, this is just me thinking out the physics and not based on actual Kiting with a snowboard.

Good luck! We'll be looking for reports! :thumbup:

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[*] posted on 3-20-2017 at 11:52 AM

Windstruck describes it pretty much dead on. Hardpack, less side cut the better. Powder, you can allow your edge to drift some to avoid the upwind carve. Almost any board will work ok but not always optimal. If your serious, then there are companies out there that make kite specific boards. "Aboards" is one. Nobile is another that make race boards. We RARELY get powder days here in WI. For that reason I'm typically on skis. On the rare occasion I take out the snowboard, I use a 179cm twin tip. Straight as an arrow, wouldn't take it to the slopes, wouldn't work well for that purpose. Works awesome with a kite though.

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