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PKF System Upgrade Jan 28

pkf - 1-28-2005 at 12:25 PM

Hello PKF Members,
You will notice some small changes on the Power Kite Forum as of Jan 28. The PKF just got a coding face lift to optimize the system and thwart the attempts of tenacious spammers.

Some past feature pages like the classifieds and guestbook will not be coming back. If you had a classifieds ad, please repost your stuff for sale in the For Sale forum. The Links page will return as soon as we find the correct program to run it. Thanks for the patience.

The country flags database was wiped so members wanting to display flags will have to go to their control panel and enable it.

Please let us know if you find missing images or anything acting fluky. It may take a few days to get everything ironed out.