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Launch of the new PowerKite Forum!

pkf - 5-5-2003 at 01:34 PM

Jan 16, 2003 Announcement:
The new Forum has been completely remodeled and upgraded. It now is a full featured multi-forum with sub categories and such functions as member messaging (forum-based email), AOL, Yahoo, and MSN instant message window, and interface appearance controls all available from the user control panel. You do not have to register to view the forum, but it is required for posting and registering will allow you to utilize the member functions.

The Powerkite Forum has served the kiting community since May 2000 as a major source of land and water based kite traction sport information. PKF connects the most extreme personalities in kiting!

We hope you enjoy this forum to its fullest taking advantage of all its features and wealth of knowledge. Let's build this new forum up as a major power kiting community resource!