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Best Nemesis HP 12m 2008

DenisLaMenace - 6-15-2008 at 11:10 AM

I recently bought a new Nemesis 12m.

Haven't had a chance to fly it a lot. Only one day averaging 15-20knots.

I was well powered, never had to trim, so I suspect I can go above 25knots with it, but don't know exactly how much.

The kite really looks like a Waroo, just with an higher aspect ratio.

I took the one-pump (ex-pump) option which is very nice. The struts are linked to the main bladder by inside the canopy links so they are invisible.

The links to the struts are one-way so the air get in, but does not go back. I suppose they would stay inflated if the main bladder blow out, so it would be good for self rescue.

The main bladder is smaller but still remain tight so it supposedly goes upwind better, which I had no problem but in 20 knots, any kite goes upwind.

The kite has several (4) ways to attach the rear lines depending on type of flying style you want. The default setup was way too fast, so I change it to the second mode. The kite was still very fast and fast turning.

Slower modes ( did not test) apparently are more stable and suit beginner style, and offer more depower. So this makes me believe I can fly this kite in a LOT of wind.

The rear lines length can also be adjusted at 6 knots. I was attached in the middle, so I could again have chosen a more direct steering way, or less power.

Overall, in the mode I was using it, the kite flies FAST and turns FAST. From a guy who I talked, he said his it pulls more than a Waroo 13m he had last year.

Fiinally, I like the Best SLE 2008 bar. Well made, swivel below the straps, the strap work well like a flysurfer. Many safety handles that are not in the way to grab individually any line in case, and many attach points for the leash.

Eager to test again.

tridude - 6-15-2008 at 11:39 AM

nice initial eval Buzz. So it delivers as advertised according to your review. Useable wind range is rated at 10 to 28 kts for the 12m. What would you say the low end and getting upwind is? Build quality and durability? Would you take it out for a KGB, snow board, or buggy sesh? Thanx!

furbowski - 6-15-2008 at 12:34 PM

any bularoos coming on the market cheap yet? :thumbup:

DenisLaMenace - 7-13-2008 at 12:53 PM

I had the chance to ride this kite again last Thursday in 15-20 knots gusty day. Had great fun but 2 complains

The kite is not as easy to reverse relaunch as I would have thought. The kite sticks to the water much and and you need to pull hard on one rear line before it starts to reverse.

Not having tested many LEI kites in my short kitesurfer life, but I can say that reverse launching Cabrinha Relvover 2008, Liquid Force Havos 2007 and Eclipse Nano are all easier to relaunch.

Second thing is after crashing the kite on a miss jump, the kite did an inversion and the lines mixed up. Then I let go the safety, and the little velcro on the O.S.R handle just tore off. Kind of cheap !!!

By the way this is a best 2008 bar. So I decided to get ride of this velcro anyway.

On the other hand, the kite is a good performer and is fun to ride nut require some attention as it is a bit nervous.