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what size for kite atb?

pauldaman - 6-20-2004 at 07:41 AM

im 14 and want to get into kiteboarding i am 7 stone and what size would be good to start off on

doomwheels - 6-22-2004 at 11:38 AM

Kiteboarding is a commonly used term for kitesurfing (on water). As you have posted your question to the Kite ATB forum, I suppose you are referring to landboarding. I point this out because the kite size you would use for each of these sports would not be the same.

There are two general style of kites...

If you prefer a tube style kite that offers a lot of upward lift and stable control with a bar, you should probably look for a 8-9 meter kite (of course this depends greatly on the wind conditions where you fly).

If you want a quadline foil, you should consider a 3-5 meter kite (again depending on your local conditions).

This advice probable still leaves you with a long list of questions. The best way to find the most suitable kite for you is to meet up with other kiters and ask to try one out or check with a kite shop owner who is familiar with power kiting and your local wind conditions.

Additionally, there are several manufacturer and retailer sites in the link section of this forum. Hope this helps.


pauldaman - 6-24-2004 at 06:21 AM

thanks that helps