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What wind would i need to jump with a blade2 4m

Stug - 5-25-2004 at 06:53 AM

i am thinking of buying a blade2 4m and am wondering what wind i need to jump with?

Scoopy - 6-2-2004 at 01:23 PM

Depends on your weight, for me, I wouldnt start in any less than about 25, but hey, Im 295 pounds and a bit crazy. Most people should be okay to start around 15mph.


doomwheels - 6-2-2004 at 10:43 PM

The smaller the kite, the more wind is required for jumping. Additionally, smaller kites in high wind fly very fast and often erratically causing a sudden burst - then release of power.

It is better to use a large kite in lighter wind (5m+ in 15mph-). This offers more stable lofting and gentler landings.

For more info, do a search on this forum for "small kites and jumping", "large kites" and "kite jumping".