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krumly - 24-12-2022 at 07:47 PM

Old fart here, wondering why the last snow kiting nots is from last season? Feyd - are you able to do your thing yet in NH?

Mpls./St. Paul MN half-assed. Go from sub-zero to a predicted 40F and rain next week. Arrgh. Chequamegon Bay in northern WI just starting to freeze up. Hope that holds up, cuz its as good or better than Mille Lacs when it hits!

Feyd - 4-1-2023 at 09:07 AM

Hey there old fart!

Nice to see a familiar face in this poor old forum. I just happened to check in and saw your post!

It's not like the good ol' days in here for sure. :-(

It's been a weird season but still early in the game. Our weather has been much like yours, wild swings from one extreme to the next. The local ice that I rode a week ago is gone but about 2hrs North we have a solid 9". No land-based riding locally worth anything so I've been riding bikes and skates.

Cold is coming for the end of the week. And just enough snow to take the rattle out of kiting ice so lessons (which won't start till the end of the month) should be on schedule.

I've never kited Chequamegon. Kited around Deluth on my way home from Mille and drove by Chequamegon. :-( This spring I'm thinking my local season is going to end early so considering taking the tail end off the season and heading West to ride new stuff. Riding the Great Lakes is always a treat.

SecondWind - 4-1-2023 at 09:13 PM

Feyd - have you tried out the new Flysurfer Hybrid yet? If so, any better than a Peak 5?

Feyd - 18-1-2023 at 02:52 PM

I have. Did a side-by-side comparison with the Peak 5 and if I ever get the chance I plan to write a review.

Is it "Better" than the Peak 5? Depends on what you deem better. It's got less grunt per size which for my needs as a rider on snow is not better. For teaching, it has some benefits and for foiling as well I'm sure.

Turn rate isn't as fast as the Peak and it takes more to tip stall turn. But it provides steady power when you turn it
Pound for pound the Peak has more power. So in comparing the 5m range of both kites the Hybrid felt like a 4m-ish.

Drift on the Hybrid is pretty wild. The Peak has excellent drift but the Hybrid does it better and isn't prone to deforming and collapsing during the drift due to turbulence. So for my needs it will coast through holes and wind shadows much like a race kite.

Depower is on par and excellent.

If I were to quantify it in a nutshell, Its like a Viron and a Peak had a baby. :-)

SecondWind - 18-1-2023 at 09:12 PM

Thanks for the info Chris!