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bullet v the hornet..what's the differences?

Tao-flyer - 11-2-2022 at 04:27 PM

Hi ..Ive now been flying and buggying with the PL6 /3M Hornets for 2 years. I'm intending to stay on FB's for at least another year. I was looking for a kite that would be more agile and lighter to handle in the air, I had a look around and decided on a 3.5 Bullet...which I now have.
Quick question: when using a harness do u connect the strop to the bottom of the handles? On the Hornets the loop to tie them is at the top. On the Bullet the loop is at the bottom. I only ask as I dont want to go arse over tit when I get all connected and become a topic of merriment amongs the beach dog walkers (again).
Last weekend I went out in the buggy for the first time after having swapped the extended axle back to the original smaller one (easier for me in winter )..I went arse over tit on my very first turn, I mean me and the buggy..the kite was a whirling dirvish..I was upside down.
Ah well, these things happen.
Which brings me on to the 3.5 Bullet Ive just bought....I read somewhere that they are great for buggies and that they are quite quick kites..is that right would you say?
And am I right in thinking that the Bullets are no longer in prodution? and if that is correct, when they stopped making them?

RedSky - 11-11-2022 at 12:22 AM

Tao is in the house!

Good to hear from you again and that you're still out there buggying.
Please, God, tell us that you have footage of your AOT. We need to see the merriment. xD

I'm the least qualified here to answer your FB questions but if memory serves, the strop always connects to the top of the handles.
If it's on the bottom then they're probably some kind of brake safety feature that needs to be connected to a kite killer of sorts.

I owned a bullet once but realised straight away it wasn't for me. They pivoted in the middle of the kite making them turn too quickly without much power being generated, probably an advantage in other disciplines such as pulling tricks etc (I have no idea tbh), but saying that, I've never heard a bad word said against them. Everyone raved about them back in the day.

Tao-flyer - 11-13-2022 at 04:08 PM

Hiya Redsky..good to see your reply buddy..

That video you did falling about with a kite still makes me chuckle out loud when i think about it. And unfortunately no, my AOT moment wasnt captured on vid..

Im thinking that maybe the bullet will be quite a different flying/buggying experience from the hornets. From what I can see from youtube they look quite a bit quicker and more agile.

I'll see if I can coax someone to come down the beach with me and video me with the bullett...ive promised not to fly it until xmas day.

Good to hear from you:cool:

kteguru - 11-14-2022 at 07:46 AM

The flexifoil bullet was replaced by the rage back in the very early 2000's if my memory is correct. Both the bullet and rage are nice flying, easy going, low aspect kites. I wouldn't think there would be an enormous difference in turn rate compared to PL hornets but I could be mistaken. It's been a while since I've flown either. Nice to see others still getting out and enjoying buggying with older gear. The latest and greatest isn't always the best way to go. Sometimes classic gear is the only way to fly :cool::thumbup:

tomdiving - 11-14-2022 at 10:09 AM

the loops on the bottom of the handles are for staking the kite down on the brakes while getting ready to launch or to take a break.
i have 2 and 3m hornets. had a 4m for a short time. i use them for static flying, so i can't comment on their buggying characteristics, but i would use either on my mini snow skis if needed.
i have all sizes of the bullets. in my opinion, you cannot find a better kite for static flying. i have not used them in a buggy, either. i have used a 3.5 on skis. they turn incredibly fast and tight which works very well with the skis now that the school i fly at has fenced in the area that has lots of playground equipment within that area.
they are listed as NON-lifty. that is a lie. i have been picked up by a 1.5, 2.5, and 3.5, all unintentionally. i'll use "exciting" as the descriptor here. "scared the h*ll out of me" is the actuality, though.
i didn't go high, i didn't go far, i didn't get hurt at all, hence "exciting."
but they will absolutely stretch your arms up over your head, which i do not get from the hornets. when that starts to happen now, i go to flexi stings or similar foils.
nothing like a PL twister or flexi blade, of course, but it's still there.

Tao-flyer - 11-26-2022 at 02:34 AM

Thanks for your reply kteguru...im thinking i must be lucky to have one that is still as yet, unflown.

Hello there tomdiving...thanks for your reply too...well, i made it into my 3rd year of kiting :)....I'm pleased to hear they turn fast as i think that's what I'm after. And always good to be reminded of the dangers too...first few times out with it in the buggy will def be unharnessed and probly even with kite-kilers if it's a bit feisty