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Land boarding interest

rtz - 8-14-2022 at 10:13 PM

Ground Industries was before my time.

If I was really, really into it; I'd have a Trampa for sure.

Land boarding is one aspect of kiting I have not done.

I see MBS out of Colorado sells direct: https://www.mbs.com/boards

I also see clone boards on Amazon: https://a.co/d/bfubwD0

Anyone here still regularly land boarding?

dylanj423 - 8-15-2022 at 05:13 AM

i broke out my old GI board a couple weeks ago... it is holding up nicely and i had a blast... when the winds are higher, ill opt for surfing, but i like keeping the mountainboard as an option... if i were buying new, i would go with a trampa i think

Randy - 8-15-2022 at 05:46 AM

I do a lot of Windskating - skateboard+Windsurf sail or wing on parking lots. I have an Onda board which is perfect for it. I also have an ATB and use it with a wing on some of the rougher surfaces, from time to time.

Wing ATB

ATB w Sail

Riding on Grass, gravel and pavement

jrhook - 8-16-2022 at 02:48 AM

Still getting a good ride on an MBS 95, Wildwood coming soon. This from JIBE a while back ... https://youtu.be/SNEWijFvwZQ