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Tidewaters at Roemoe

khaakon - 4-6-2022 at 08:37 AM

Greetings to everyone. I am going to Roemoe in Denmark from 04 - 14 may, for kiting on Soenderstrand beach.

I am curious about how the level of tidewaters varies between moons. When I've take a look at a schedule from DMI.DK, it seems that it is less variation midway between full moon and 'null' moon, but there's also variations I cant quite explain. I start to worry when I see the low tide is almost half a meter higher than during full or null moon.

What I am wondering about exactly, is if there is less 'open time' on the beach or if it's the same because the tidewaters even out in the middle??

This is also a call to anyone who wants to meet up, of course!! At the moment we actually have a spare room in the house, which would come at no cost just bring food and beers. Very very close to Soenderstrand, doesn't even require a car if you can walk 5 min.

Tidetable2.jpg - 114kB Soenderstrand_2018.jpg - 81kB

khaakon - 4-29-2022 at 09:36 AM

We still have a room to spare at Romo, in the house close to Sonderstrand buggy beach. Dates are now 4 to 11.may for sure, maybe 2-3 days more if needs be (have until 14.).

It still comes for free !! - if anyone wanna join two old f*rts - just bring what you need, be it food, beers, or weed ;-)

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