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Days gone by.... or bye 👋

cheezycheese - 11-4-2021 at 07:07 AM

Just spent half an hour with coffee and old WWBB posts. So many good times. Miss sooo many people. So many friendships that maintain to this day. I love you guys!!
I sure caused a lot of trouble back then... :smilegrin::smilegrin:

Kober - 11-4-2021 at 04:35 PM

......and u dont show up at WBB to say hi to those valuable friends .......

kteguru - 11-4-2021 at 06:38 PM

Ahh yes, the good ol' days. Sadly not as much kiting goes on anymore.

Maybe you can join us in February Marc. Jack and I will be kiting in your back yard with Konrad. You can take my new snow buggy for a spin;). I'll post pics here when its done.

Jack.Oh - 12-29-2021 at 05:58 AM

Hi Guys, Happy Holidays !!!

Hey, about the ice kiting... Konrad do you have any dates in mind yet?

Do you guys think there will be any ice. The weather here has been in the 40's!

bobalooie57 - 12-31-2021 at 05:35 PM

Are you guys planning to do the Sacandaga Challenge?


kteguru - 12-31-2021 at 06:14 PM

We were planning on Sacandaga but here in NH there is nothing but open water so its looking like a no go this year. Maybe next time.

Jack.Oh - 1-3-2022 at 07:31 AM

Hey, I found some info on Facebook about the "event" (not official).

Sponserd by: Green Hat Kiteboarding, Flysurfer and SportsTrackLive.

Great Sacandaga Snowkite Challenge .jpg - 23kB

It looks like there may still be hope!
If anyone has other info Please post. THX

Jack.Oh - 1-5-2022 at 07:41 AM

Hey, I just check the weather for that area (Great Sacandaga Lake, NY), and it looks like it is below freezing for the next 10 days. Here's hoping.

jeffnyc - 1-5-2022 at 09:58 PM

Late to the party... I did the Sacandaga challenge last year (2nd place in snowboard :D ). Was able to get up there 5 or 6 times. Definitely not looking as good as last year, but it will happen. It's already starting, should be fairly soon.
Hope to see you up there, I'll post here if I go, but a lot of times it's last minute.

Some links for you:
Lanzis is on the opposite side of the boat launch, but you can launch there if it's east. The camera is great for seeing how much ice/snow is there.
Lanzis cam

This is my go to for ice conditions, there are ALWAYS fishermen out there (don't run into their holes!). Good ice info on the forum, and this thread is specifically Sacandaga.
Ice Shanty

There is also a Sacandaga FB page that sometimes has good warnings and info. And lots of pictures of cold people with their fish.

Some friends and I last year (tossed my camera on my friends helmet):

And a fantastic day but picked up way too much for my 12 (you can see the squalls bearing down in the distance).

Jack.Oh - 1-6-2022 at 07:47 AM

Hey Jeff, good to hear from you. Happy new year. I actually saw the first video on you tube did not realize that was you at the end.

So, I still want to make it out if there is enough ice.
I am thinking Feb. 18th - 21st or 25th - 28th.

Since I am like 7 hours away, I kinda have to plan a bit ahead.
I have no plans for eather one of those weekends, just depends on when the conditions will be better.

Jack.Oh - 1-6-2022 at 07:52 AM

Hey Dean Are you still considering going?
Konrad, Cheesy Are you guys still in?

What dates work for you?

kteguru - 1-6-2022 at 10:06 AM

Haven't had a lot of time to work on the buggy lately. Things have been crazy over here. 25-28th would probably work best for me if I can get everything done.

jeffnyc - 1-6-2022 at 10:24 AM

Happy New Year to you! I've been trying to get Cheese and Brandon out there for years (I used to see Konrad when there was an actual event, but lately we haven't synched up).
If you can, try to shoot for mid-end Jan, beginning-mid of Feb. Toward the end of Feb into March it starts to get dicey again (weather and ice), depending on the year.
You have to have some open fields and lakes and parks by you in Aurora or Twinsburg... tons of farms out there. Have you tried snow kiting in your neighborhood?

Jack.Oh - 1-7-2022 at 08:51 AM

I feel like this Topic should go on another part of this forum. Since it really is not about the WBB.

So, I would like to continue the discussion here: