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I had a good day

Jason-G - 6-3-2021 at 02:13 PM

Background: Learned to buggy in a wheat field in NW OK, about 8-10 yr ago. Good conditions only when smooth field and S. winds, still tricky. Moved to N. Myrtle Beach in 2017. On shore winds is a different ballgame in terms of wind conditions. For the past 3 yr, I normally fly at cherry grove point. It is a pretty big area at the end of the beach and smooth at low tide but is limited by a pier on one side and an inlet (water) on the other side, but I guess it is 1/4 mile run. People usually don't sit around there either. Today the wind was low and I decided not to go to the point (8mi away) and instead parked at a stop in the middle of where I live and the point. Look at North M.B. on a map. The coast curves. I started with my SS B4 and the wind was low and not on shore, maybe 30 degrees from on shore which since it was low tide, I could do short little tacs that were not fun and difficult to get upwind (I guess it was 5-7mph). I debated (quickly) to go home or switch to my SS B6 kite (the only other kite I had with me at the time). The car was close and I didn't have to tow the buggy so I did. The B6 is not my goto kite by any means, usually too powerful when the B4 is perfect. It was better at the short tacs due to more power and I could go upwind ok. Then it all changed! The wind upped to probably 8-10mph and the angle adjusted to perfect onshore for my location (start point 10th ave. N). I was able to park and ride, go fast, and ride in each direction probably 2mi each way (never done that before). It was great. I did have to raise the kite and fly over walkers in a few cases but I felt in control. When I really pushed it, I started to slide toward the kite (the sand was so hard packed) but I was in control. To make a long story short, one of my best buggy days.


RedSky - 6-3-2021 at 03:31 PM

Nice to hear that it all came together for an excellent session :thumbup:
SS = slingshot or SS = stainless steel or SS = something sensible ?
If B4 & B6 are Blades then SS ≠ something sensible. :)

Jason-G - 6-4-2021 at 10:12 AM

In this case:

SS = Slingshot Brand

B4 and B6 are 3line, 4m and 6m FB kites no longer produced by slingshot. They still sell the B2 and B3 as two line trainer kites. I maybe partly responsible for Slingshot discontinuing the B4 and B6 (not sure though). They came with a spinning harness chicken loop, fixed to an old version of their water kite bar. But unlike when used as a depower surf kite bar (power lines through the center of the bar, and steering lines on the end of the bar), the B4 and B6 had the power lines connected to bar ends (bullhorns). About 10-12 years ago, before I got a buggy, I only flew static in plowed wheat fields. I used to like to hook in and do multiple kite loops and scud through deep dirt. I could generate a lot of power because I could keep looping in one direction and then just spin the bar. Then "IT" happened to both kites. While doing the looping thing, one of the power lines appeared to snap/break (pretty scary). When I looked at the line including the leader which was off the bar, it appeared intact. What seemed to happen is the bull horn was not a solid piece of plastic, rather two pieces molded together. I think the force was enough to pull the leader through the center of the bull horn. I took photos of the line the bull horn and the bar and sent them to Slingshot and told them how it happened. They sent me new bars (not the same as the original ones) for free. Shortly after that I noticed the B4 and B6 were being discontinued. I currently don't fly either of them on a slingshot bar.


RedSky - 6-4-2021 at 03:06 PM

Ah, so you're the one. :P
Interesting, the spinning chicken loop you describe must have later evolved into their "center of the universe" swivel for the front lines, located higher up on the V of the comp stick bar.
I used to fly fuels in the bug with the comp stick, they had very poor depower but their excellent "active stopper" helped with arm fatigue. I do miss my fuels tho. :D

Great to hear you had a top session. :thumbup:

Jason-G - 6-4-2021 at 09:17 PM

Yes, I really like my active stopper on my SS Ranger (A 9m depower foil kite, also now discontinued). It is my only kite that has one, but depending on the wind conditions, I can place it in the "sweet spot" to limit bar throw and keep the kite powered in just the right spot. You can buy them from SS web site but I am not sure how to install them or if it would work with my other depower setups.