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D Cheek - 5-17-2021 at 08:45 AM

As a brother kiter once said about his screw up at Ivanpah... life got in the way. Well, It happened to me this year and I apologize to all.

I own and operate 2 business's and employ 7 people until lately. CoVid, stimulus checks and drugs cut my staff to 3. Me, my wife and 1 artist.

Well, my screen printer and his wife who also worked for me, 3 kids, a nanny, a big pay check and 6 stimulus checks made them just stop coming to work! Why work when you got over 10k in your pocket? They then pumped 5k worth of crack in their veins, swerved a car, got busted, put in jail for at least 6 months, kids to Child Services and the nanny was all of a sudden homeless. What a mess!

With several thousand dollars in orders in house my wife and I have been busting our ass's to 11pm every night trying to get the work out the door and keep up on the bills. To make a long story shorter, as much as I wanted and needed to come to JIBE this year it was impossible.

For the last 10 years JIBE has been the highlight of my year and there's going to be hole in my heart till next year when I can again have fellowship and fun with everybody on the white sands of Jekyll Island.

The 2021 JIBE shirt will be posted here on PKW in a couple of days. I'll have a good deal for those that want to order, and i'll pay the postage. Hope you all had a good time. Please accept my most sincere apology for missing seeing and being with everybody on the beach.

Check back soon for a look at the official 2021 JIBE t-shirt and ordering instructions if you want any.

Good winds for all, Davis AKA D Cheeks

Randy - 5-17-2021 at 09:13 AM

Wow - that's a really sad story. Thanks for letting us know what happened - and looking forward to the listing of the 2021 T's. BTW - if you have any left from prior years please post those as well. I think I may have missed a year or two.