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kite surfing IN A BUGGY!

Jason-G - 5-5-2021 at 02:10 PM

Jason-G - 5-5-2021 at 02:28 PM

The wind was out of the SW at cherrie grove beach in north myrtle beach, which is not an ideal direction (down shore). When it is SE of S, I can ride long tracks at low tide. I was anxious and it was really windy (15-25mph) and it was 4hr after low tide. The area starts to fill up and then most of the area which is good to ride at low tide is gone. I saw a little stretch between water pools that looked like it would lead to a pretty good stretch of beach that would enable tome decent tracks. It was an upwind tack to get across and after about 15-20min of slowly checking out the area, it was not a good stretch of beach. I didn't realize it could happen so quickly but when I went to return to my starting spot there were no longer any stretches of dry beach to get across. I got to where I thought I crossed earlier but could not see the bottom. I went for it thinking it would only be about half wheel height in water (I was wrong). I was lucky to be going directly across wind and had a lot of power in the kite. When I started to cross I was in a park and ride mode with the kite low in the sky (4M slingshot b4 (3 line kite) that produces great pull with low lift). As I was crossing it became clear that it was deeper than I had anticipated. About half way across all three wheels were no longer on the ground and I started to aggressively dive the kite up and down to generate max power. For about 3-4 up and down dives of the kite I was waist deep and being pulled across the water with no ground contact, just being pulled through water. Once my wheels made contact again and I made it across I was really happy. It was a thrilling experience. I think without the kite I would have sunk and maybe have to ditch the buggy.


Windstruck - 5-5-2021 at 04:50 PM

Cool story! Glad you got through that just a little soggy but none the worse for wear. Now, about your buggy. Stainless steel? I know people get buggies wet, but usually not that wet. I'll be curious to hear how much life you get out of your bearings for example after that thorough a dunking.

RedSky - 5-6-2021 at 07:05 AM

Good read! :thumbup:

But I think you should try it with discs next time like Cliff Baker who buggied on the seabed!

skip to 2:55

jantie - 5-6-2021 at 08:44 AM

i've seen it done with bigfoot tyres and they have enough airvolume to stay a float, but with diswheels like Redsky posted it is Titanic 2.0 hahahaha

RedSky - 5-6-2021 at 09:58 AM

If you were standing on the beach, all you would see is a head inside a motorcycle helmet moving towards you. :lol: