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NPW 21 7M

borokite - 1-2-2021 at 05:48 PM

Good morning friends, I'm back again after my vacation.
Well, I was able to practice windskate on the beach and the novelty was that I found a shape maker here in Brazil, who sold me the molded but blunt wood for me to cut as I wanted, it is 120cm long, 40cm wide, 7 layers of ivory wood interspersed with fiberglass, wonderful strength and flexibility. At first I cut and left as much as possible to learn to walk better, but I noticed that the curves are very open, very difficult to make curves. I missed the handles too, the sand on the beach makes it slip a lot even using coarse sandpaper. I still need to evolve a lot, at the beginning, at a low speed it already seems that you are very fast on the skateboard, when you see the video, you see how slow it is. I can't wait to test a foil kite that I will be building from 7 meters, I believe that the kite will still help a lot.

Randy - 1-3-2021 at 09:22 AM

Hey Renato,

Glad your kite and board are working out for you. Nice see kite videos from other places in the world. We've got US, UK, Netherlands, Germany, France and now Brazil in just the past few months! There are probably others as well - I'm not even sure where everyone here is from.

jeffnyc - 1-3-2021 at 08:19 PM

That's fantastic! Definitely add some footstraps. Lots of ways to make them (or repurpose from other projects) fun to see what you come up with. Make sure you can keep them loose, getting out of your board is important :D


borokite - 1-5-2021 at 04:12 AM

Good Morning. I still have doubts about the size of the board. Big board like this 120cm is easier to balance, but the curves are very difficult to make and the weight ends up getting too big. The small boards seem to be better, but my foot seems to be touching the wheels and my legs are very closed which makes balance difficult. What would be the indicated size? I'm 1.85m tall.