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A sad picture

Ed Cline - 8-22-2020 at 09:06 PM

Defund the Agricultural Police

Randy - 8-23-2020 at 04:17 AM

Is that one of your buggy riding places?

B-Roc - 8-23-2020 at 12:45 PM

Is it a pasture/farm or just a common space? My kids work on a farm where a significant portion of the revenue comes from hay so if it's a pasture/farm then I completely understand.

skimtwashington - 8-23-2020 at 03:22 PM

I talked to 'the guy'...

look it's okay now!


Ed Cline - 8-23-2020 at 05:26 PM

No sweet peas here, just the unused land near the fairground. They use it as a park and ride to all the fair events, park a few tractor trailers, or overflow from the car lots so they can pretend they just have one in that color on the lot ;).

Without the signs I could pretend to be ignorant, now if I want them to think that we'd have to talk awhile .

Maybe there's a way to get a permit, but I doubt it. Lawyers have us afraid of their suits.

Ed Cline - 8-23-2020 at 05:46 PM

Anyway you know it's important business when they send the Chief out to visit.
I could hope for a change in management. Maybe Chief Amy won't be around forever, cost cuts, or transfer or a cancel culture victim? But the damnable signs are new.
Monuments to unfair treatment and discriminating against me, Pull Them Down!

Randy - 8-23-2020 at 06:32 PM

If that was the only place you have, might be a long shot, but I'd call and ask someone about how to get permission. If you have some other sites, then it may not be worth the bother. Then again, you might just pretend you weren't paying attention to the sign - and wait for them to kick you out. I'd at least drive by once in a while and see what going on there. Maybe it will just be temporary for some for project or something.

It does suck when you lose a site. I had a kind of back up site (soccer field) but I didn't go there often. Last time I there they were building a warehouse where I used to ride.

Ed Cline - 8-24-2020 at 04:26 AM

Hey Randy, I've never been involved in civic anything, so Although there is a procedure to "rent" this space, I don't know where to start.
As you can see I've already met with Sheriff Amy and she didn't think there was any chance, But it is the government so there must be a way.

It might help if the whole Raleigh kite lives matter movement was more than just me and Granville.
If I don't give up, I'm going to investigate water.
Sunfish with a Polynesian upgrade?
Dreaming is free.

Snake - 8-24-2020 at 07:39 AM

I have a similar problem where I live now, the city won't let me kite on any of their land because they don't have insurance for kiting. They do have insurance for ultralight aircraft take off with a signed waiver though, since there is a large enough community of pilots here. It might just be as simple as asking whoever is in charge for permission and signing your life away. Asking for forgiveness usually is a bad idea once they put a sign up.

Randy - 8-24-2020 at 09:11 AM

Quote: Originally posted by Ed Cline  

If I don't give up, I'm going to investigate water.
Sunfish with a Polynesian upgrade?
Dreaming is free.

If you are interested in a kiteboat, let me know. I lack the kind of a launch needed to make a go of it locally. (I can when the lakes are low, but that's a hit and miss thing.) You are only about 4 hours from OBX - lots of room there for kiteboating if you don't have a suitable lake or river launch near home.

Ed Cline - 8-24-2020 at 03:22 PM

Well Randy we are fat with lakes and snakes around here.
Boat launches within minutes of my apartment.
It's been a long time since sailing days, I remember it as fun and hard work.

The ocean is out. Until Uncle Donald kills all the sharks.
I like where I am on the food chain.
You know I want to see this boat Randy, can I get some info?

Randy - 8-24-2020 at 03:57 PM

Peter Lynn Monohull Kiteboat. About 10 foot long. I can post a few videos.

BTW - the OBX Sound would be where you sail it - sharks are not a problem there. The wind at this lake is petty fickle, and quit on me in a couple of these videos. LEI's are the way to go.


Windstruck - 8-24-2020 at 05:20 PM

Those monohulls look so cool!!! Daddy wants one. We're going to be building a house down outside of St. George (SoUT) and there is a small reservoir only a couple of miles from our home site that would be perfect for one of these. That's my sort of wind powered water sport; I just don't see getting into kite boarding, especially after my freak gasoline fight accident a few years back on skates.

Ed Cline - 8-25-2020 at 04:33 AM

Entrance of the Gods, okay.
So I'll just shop and pick which model and what color I want, thanks.
If we don't have a dealer in Raleigh, which one do you use?

Randy - 8-25-2020 at 05:14 AM

Like Henry Ford said Ed "You can have any color you want as long as its blue."