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Peak1 bar and lines

vtliter - 6-29-2020 at 12:14 PM

I drank the Coolaid and got a Peak4 5m for foiling. Amazing kite. Period.
Flying it on an original Peak bar and it works perfectly and is so light and simple.
I can already tell a 3m is in my future so I'm looking to see if anyone may have a lightly used bar and lines they would sell.

(yep-text wasn't showing up in body when using iPhone)

eric67m - 6-29-2020 at 01:05 PM

If you are selling, I maybe interested.

No text? Try ditching symbols. There is another phone setting others may tell you about.

Ahhh , now that your text appears I read that you are also looking to buy one. Good luck.

vtliter - 7-24-2020 at 03:59 AM

Still looking for a Peak 1 bar. Anyone?