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WBB updates for Spring bash

shehatesmyhobbies - 3-16-2020 at 03:43 PM

Well, as most can tell, there's lots of "excitement" going on right now, just not the kind we like. The news cycle is definitely making me cringe hour after hour as I try to be well informed both nationally and locally about closings, illness reports and everything else

At this point, with things the way they are turning, it's not looking real good for a Spring WBB. Haven't pulled the trigger on canceling it yet today, but a decision will be made by weeks end, if the city doesn't shut it down first. Not a decision I'm taking lightly at all. A lot of conversations are happening that's for sure. NJ and many states around it have closed restaurants, bars and other places of entertainment and restricted to curb side delivery. Grocery stores, pharmacies and emergency services would still be open.

My biggest concern is everyone's health and safety, and not being part of the spreading problem, but part of the solution. My other concern is that some may need to use this vacation time at another point if they get temporarily laid off or quarantined due to the virus. Just like myself, you would fight the urge to cancel your trip and possibly regret it later. We love Kiting and being together so much, it's definitely a tough call.

For now, be with your family, stay healthy, take care of a neighbor, and stay tuned for any updates. One things for sure, I want anyone that would come to have a good time, in times like these, worry can sure get in the way of happiness.

Love you all.

kteguru - 3-16-2020 at 07:40 PM

Thank you for the update Rich. I hope to see you all in the fall. Take care of yourselves til then.