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Anybody tried this?

Randy - 5-10-2019 at 05:26 AM

Found this on extremekites. The first 10 seconds or so show a "drift trike". The rest of the video is pretty cool too - he tries just about every way possible to use a kite on land.

cheezycheese - 5-10-2019 at 05:41 AM

Must be a popular song over there. Second kite video this week I've seen with the same tune. :cool2:


tomdiving - 5-10-2019 at 07:29 AM

wear a cup. the trike looks like a wrecked crotch waiting to happen.

ColinW - 5-10-2019 at 08:04 AM

That zipline playground thing at 40sec. would be an awesome way for us old fat guys to gain some board skills without the hospital bills. I have trees and a sloped driveway,. Hmmm, so many stupid ideas; so little time:D

ssayre - 5-10-2019 at 02:04 PM

He's made several videos through the years. I've always enjoyed his skill and creativity using just about everything you can think of.

Randy - 5-10-2019 at 02:17 PM

I kind of like the idea of using roller skates as opposed to roller blades - another concession to age and fear of injury.