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Buggy differences

Snake - 4-1-2019 at 10:51 PM

Since I picked up some new kites this winter I have been thinking about getting a new buggy. My biggest gripes about my current buggy (a PL comp maybe, I'm not really sure) is that I have to have the down tube all the way in or the back end swings out way too easily, which leads to a bit of discomfort with my long legs. The seat is also a bit wide for someone who wears 30 inch waist pants and I always feel like I am sitting on it rather than in it.

There was a libre V-max II that popped up on here that piqued my interest. And then today a peter lynn monster appeared with bigfoots and suspension, which seems to be the opposite of the libre, and I realized I have no idea what I am looking for. There also seems to be very little information comparing buggies to each other which is making it hard to make an informed decision.

I ride on grass that ranges from trimmed soccer fields to 6 inch long lush jungles weeds.The barrows I have now seem fine and I would think wider tires would have more rolling resistance. Or am I wrong? And most buggies don't seem to have suspension so I'm guessing it doesn't add much? I would really like to get some of your guys thoughts before I get the wrong buggy.

Bladerunner - 4-2-2019 at 03:08 PM


Look at dirtslide's backrest. The top one in the 2 pictures by Sayyre. It is a home made version of the original springback.

My old buggy has straight siderails. The lateral support from the straps that hold up the back rest keep me planted. Cheap to make and I promis a big difference in comfort.

The 2 of us could almost sit side by side in a monster buggy seat.