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Some of our current conditions in the Northeast.

Feyd - 12-14-2018 at 06:26 AM

We have amazing hardwater right now.

48373122_2549959508365789_2164439676373434368_osm.jpg - 154kB

skimtwashington - 12-14-2018 at 08:05 PM

Glass, huh?:thumbup:
...how thick?

What lakes you been playing on or recommend?

...action pics or Videos...?

I've got ice down here near Boston(barely thick enough at 2-3 inches.) but had no wind for 2nd day:(

Put skates on anyway and skated while kite dreaming..:rolleyes:

Now a warm up coming. Though slightest chance exists for safe ice and wind combo...not looking good here to play locally before year end. Need return visit from Jack Frost...

Feyd - 1-14-2019 at 06:00 AM

Ice at the time that was shot was about 4" of glass. We are now roughly at 10 inches mixed. Recent snow has turned to fast styro. The recent cold has locked up the new glass on what was open water. Unreal season so far.

Sunapee has seen a lot of action this season. Squam has been good. Winne broads are finally closing up.

skimtwashington - 1-14-2019 at 01:31 PM

good to know, thanks! Keep posting..

Today was first Kite-Skating of season on lake(Quannapowitt in Wakefield) near Boston..3 inches thick. Low wind but got some riding anyway.


TEDWESLEY - 1-15-2019 at 08:20 AM

The lakes are coming on line now. I've been out on Sabattus lake and Long lake here in Maine. Both lakes with 10+" ice and 3" styro
snow. Sebago has begun to freeze, Jordan bay froze over Sunday night and needs some time to thicken. The weather has been great for ice formation as there are single figure and low teens with little or no snow cover, and no wind. The game is on!

skimtwashington - 1-16-2019 at 04:05 PM

Not much change but ice is probably half to one inch thicker as I chopped holes in areas, again.

Much more wind today. Though fighting a cold, I had to try and take advantage of smooth ice and good winds.

Indeed-some fast zipping around over smooth ice. Because ice is still marginally safe(and didn't recon test holes in middle areas) I stayed down near one end.

I didn't last long in my weakened health, so actually spent more time walking and testing ice before my actual riding on skates. But the excitement of anticipation is underrated.

Few ice boarders(hard sail) showed and thanked me for christening the ice.

Some serious weather coming in to muck things up in N.East this weekend...snow, rain, ice mess...still some time...

so I say..

skimtwashington - 2-18-2019 at 08:58 PM

Ice is still~ 8" thick on lakes just north of Boston w/ 4+ inches new snow on top today.

Used Ice skates instead of ski and worked well. Could use either but skates are so easy and advantageous.
NPW 6.5m kite used for todays breezes. :wee:

The season continues.:)