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The Flexifoil dude!

Sthrasher38 - 5-3-2007 at 08:44 PM

Today I took off work got the kids out of school and went to meet the flexifoil dude. Man were we excited:singing: Anyway I called him and he said he would meet with me to show me some kites. I'm pretty new so guys you know this was a dream.Well we get there and this guy has a whole trailer behind his truck good sign and I see what I thought to be a wind machine sitting on the ground.Get closer to find out it was a PARAGLIDER! This is not a normal kite flyer this guy is nuts.He had a 20 meter kite not sure what kind (sky) something.But it was huge there wasn't much wind so ha asked if we would help him get up. Sure.After about three times he got in the air it was amazing for us today. I hope i dont run out of room. sorry finish story later.

SecondWind - 5-4-2007 at 08:33 PM

So what's the scoop on this big kite?

Pablo - 5-4-2007 at 10:36 PM

I'm guessing it was a Sky Country, We had one of their smaller 5m foils down at NABX, They apparently make decent parafoils, the smaller kite had good down wind, good cross wind, but I couldn't get upwind if my life depended on it. That day I was fully lit on my 4.5m Century.

For foils, there's far better on the market. Although they are new to the kite market, once they learn that you can't simply scale down a parasail to make a traction kite they may get a solid product.