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Which Buggy?

leanin - 11-8-2018 at 10:21 AM

I'm looking for my first buggy. A friend has the wide axle version of one of these: http://www.trikebuggy.com/products/buggy.htm I've used it several times and had a blast "mowing the lawn" on a couple of soccer fields.

I'm curious how the trikebuggy compares to the Peter Lynn Rally/Drifter. I expect the trikebuggy would be more stable and more beginner friendly than the PL which is quite a bit smaller/narrower. Can anyone confirm or deny that assumption?

Since the buggy will be used mainly on soccer fields, will the PL be better/more fun than the bigger and more expensive trikebuggy? I would expect the wide axle trikebuggy to be better where long beaches or playas are available. But, not on soccer fields. Is that a correct assumption?

Please help confirm/deny my assumptions and provide any words of wisdom you may have.


cheezycheese - 11-8-2018 at 11:05 AM

Based on the link you posted that looks like a Flexifoil buggy. Either one will be perfect for your desired use. However, I would spend a little time looking for a second hand buggy. Awesome deals can be found. About 50% off those listed prices.

MadHungarian - 11-8-2018 at 11:43 AM

I'm relatively new to kite buggying, about one year. I started with a PL Comp XR+ (which I believe is the previous incarnation of the Rally model). I purchased that used from a friend. I started practicing on grass. I did have an OBE with it in which I rolled the buggy over. It is lightweight, which is probably an advantage on grass. But it is less stable due to the narrow axle. Also with the PL you are sitting on top of it, the side rails don't wrap around you. That probably makes it easier to get pulled out. If transport is a concern, the PL breaks down smaller due to the shorter axle. I used the PL XR+ on two trips to Ivanpah with upgraded Sysmic rims and trailer tires borrowed from another friend. It was fine for learning on the playa. I was able to avoid having an OBE in that environment.

I have since acquired a used BBS buggy which has a wide axle and side rails. I definitely feel more secure in it vice the PL. It is also heavier. I have not had an OBE in that buggy. Got pulled hard to the side once and bruised ribs on the side rail (I subsequently increased the rail padding).

One other difference is that the PL buggy rear axle mates with the seat frame tubes and relies on the seat straps and your weight to keep the seat frame on the axle. It works, just seems less secure than having the axle bolted to the side rails.

I concur with cheezy, look for a used buggy and save some money. I'd consider selling the PL Comp XR+. Send me a u2u if you want to explore that option.

Bladerunner - 11-8-2018 at 01:16 PM

Kitetrike is an entry level buggy.

I am with the others in suggesting shopping used.

There are shocking good deals over the pond. So good you can pay shipping and still be better off than new.

indigo_wolf - 11-8-2018 at 04:07 PM

Quote: Originally posted by cheezycheese  
Based on the link you posted that looks like a Flexifoil buggy.

From the TrikeBuggy website:
About the TrikeBuggy...
The TrikeBuggy is quite simply a microlight aircraft made for solo flight utilizing a PPG motor attached to a Flexifoil Kite Buggy with our unique frame design and a paraglider wing to achieve flight.

It is an extremely comfortable and easy to use personal aircraft that is just plain fun to fly!


Windstruck - 11-8-2018 at 05:15 PM

The buggy MadHungarian mentioned is a good one and if you end up working that out it would be a great starting point. Dick keeps his equipment in such clean and tip top shape that you could eat Sunday dinner off any piece of his kit.

Since these things are sort of by their nature big and bulky, shipping can start to cost some real bucks. Depending on where you live that may motivate things.

My first buggy was a PL folding buggy with standard narrow tires. I upgraded it to a PL BigFoot+ and upgraded from there. One thing I did notice is that the BF tires didn't tear up the grass like the folding buggy tires did. You mentioned mowing the lawn. If you do a long session on a soccer field you will do many "laps" that more or less cover the same grass as you loop again and again. It will be quite obvious where you rode after a while with skinny tires but not really so much with BFs. I bring this up because the soccer field groundskeeper will at some point come up when you are riding and likely shut you down permanently if you are tearing a loop in "his" field.

Finally, I wouldn't be tempted by a folding buggy if you find one on the used market. There's several good reasons why PL doesn't make that buggy any more.

Good luck!

rtz - 11-8-2018 at 09:43 PM

At the prices listed; the Trikebuggy is not a good deal(too high priced). It makes the PL seem cheap in comparison:


The new PL's are solidly built.

Juan - 11-8-2018 at 10:49 PM

The GT Raw will be available soon:

Ed Cline - 11-9-2018 at 02:39 AM

Hey, I drive a PL rally.
It does have lower rails. Freestyle?. Sitting deeper would seem like it offers some protection from OBE, however a lot of pilot errors result in lateral ejection from the bug, either over or into the rails. If your kite powers up beside or behind you then you won't leave the buggy straight up rapture style.

That said I cracked a rib last winter on my low rails. Sitting deeper in the frame would have changed which rib I guess. I regret not having my harness on. My new rail pads are thicker.

What Steve said about the big foots and the tracks on grass is true. So far there isn't a big foot fork to fit the Rally/Drifter. The older PL bug you were offered here can be big foot if you like.

I can't say anything nice about the stock seat on the Rally. Mine came apart at the seams. I weigh 175 Lb. geared up. The straps were kinda short. It lasted a year.
The splash guard currently offered online fits the older PL's but not the Rally.

The bug is well built and feels very solid. The axle won't fall off. I forgot the straps once and didn't notice for half an hour.

i like mine and since it does have to break down easily for transport and storage in my situation I still don't see a better choice at any price level. Of course when you buy with a possibility of upgrade or sale later on, the cost of ownership is a lot less on used. As was said here, used is a great deal even overseas. For the seller who bought new....not so much.

leanin - 11-9-2018 at 03:15 AM

Thanks for all the input! If buying new, I was planning to get the wider 6" tires to avoid tearing up the grass. Do you think the 6" wheels are wide enough or should I try to find a bigfoot?

I will broaden my search for something used.

U2U sent to MadHungarian

abkayak - 11-9-2018 at 04:43 AM

where are you at??? id sell you a used bug if your near here...
though some may say you wouldn't want a bug from a guy like me:D

leanin - 11-9-2018 at 08:50 AM

I'm near Tulsa Oklahoma

abkayak - 11-9-2018 at 02:15 PM

Quote: Originally posted by leanin  
I'm near Tulsa Oklahoma

yea...you wont be getting one of mine unless you decide to see Hamilton, but i am so rooting for you:thumbup:

rtz - 11-9-2018 at 03:22 PM

Contact the Wind Riders or go to 43rd and Garrnet. They have a handful of buggies for sale:


mougl - 2-21-2019 at 02:56 PM

Quote: Originally posted by Juan  
The GT Raw will be available soon:

Looks awesome!

jeepersjoey - 2-22-2019 at 06:17 AM

Better yet...join us in Primm, NV at the beginning of April and try out a bunch of buggies and wheel combos.

Everyone will let you ride in theirs, many have more than one Buggy, several will even sell you theirs.

Plus, you will learn more that week than you will at home in years.

Fly in, stay in Primm, come out to the playa during the day. Ride and fly whatever someone will put in your hands.

Dick (MadHungarian), Steve (Windstruck), John (Cerebite), Tami (UtahTami) all camp with me and each of us has more Buggy, Land sailers, and kites that any grown adult should ever have. I am 100% positive that we will have a Buggy and Kite that you can use the entire time you are there.

Plus, we will feed you, entertain you, and protect you while there. Protect, as in, stay within eye and earshot of you and hold your kite while you get organized every time (having someone hold your kite is a godsend and unbelievably safe).

Really...you should consider this trip. And, this offer!

Or...if you need a place to camp, you can sleep in my 10'x14' "gear tent" that is used only as storage and not slept in at night.


jeepersjoey - 2-22-2019 at 06:06 PM

Big mike is selling two buggies.

One is perfect for now.
Second is perfect for 1-2 yrs from now.

See his post in For Sale.