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Phone pics fron the bash

cheezycheese - 11-2-2018 at 05:10 AM


Every year I lug all these cameras and gear and never take a pic or video. This year was no different. :( at least I grabbed a few with my phone.

bugymangp - 11-2-2018 at 06:04 AM

Where's the one of me from your drone

kteguru - 11-2-2018 at 08:16 AM

Nice vid Mark thanks for sharing. Looks like you have a sweet new ride too.

abkayak - 11-2-2018 at 01:54 PM

👍👍...nice vid
nice time...👍👍

Glx - 11-2-2018 at 04:08 PM

Nice vid Cheesy. Makes me want to be there again. Oh well, spring is around the corner..........or not. :(

cheezycheese - 11-7-2018 at 04:59 AM

Quote: Originally posted by bugymangp  
Where's the one of me from your drone

Right here buddy. Had to convert the file so I could upload. Video quality suffered a little.


bugymangp - 11-7-2018 at 09:10 AM

Early morning light wind I guess

Chicagokitejumping - 11-7-2018 at 02:26 PM

Great photos