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Randy - 10-14-2018 at 06:31 PM

I had a couple good sessions last week. I hadn't been trying over the summer because there isn't usually enough wind. Here are some videos. I first went out with a 3 M LEI from Airush, but there wasn't always enough wind to keep it flying. Finally I gave up and discovered a new new method of kite propulsion which was quite a bit easier than paddling back to shore.

I switch to a smaller open cell foil because I've usually found it easier to keep this kite up in the air in light winds than the LEI. I was kind of shocked when I was able to make a few water lauches with it.

jeffnyc - 10-15-2018 at 08:23 AM

Nice Randy. You basically did a boat self rescue on that first one. That kite was small enough you could probably bring it on board and hold it up like a sail.
Did you make that first bar with the cork? I'm trying to figure out how the flag out works on that, with the leash on your wrist and attachment only a couple feet up. Would that work in super high winds?

Randy - 10-15-2018 at 12:58 PM

The short answer is it is not a depower kite - it's really a fixed bridle - with some ability to adjust the angle of attack . The angle of attack is controlled by where the 2 center lines connect with the middle line in the bar. I actually changed from the bar that came with the kite to a standerd HQ 2 line bar I've had for a while. The picture shows the setup.

The bar that came with the kite is the little bar I used on foil kite in the other video (you probably recognized the kite as the Sensei 3m). You can see it at about .07-.08 in the video. I found that bar a little too small for Airush, but works fine with that foil. In both cases they are just two line bars.

The kite killer strap is connected to the middle line, so if you let go of the bar, the kite will come down. I've thought of turning this kite into a depower with a different bar setup, but its only a 3m so I doubt it would make much difference. I do have a better kite killer, so I think I will change to one that is stronger.

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