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Attaching brake strap to kite lines

Steve in Gypsum - 9-16-2018 at 08:08 PM

What's the best way to attach a brake strap to kite lines if there's no little balls on the lines to attach it to? Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

Kamikuza - 9-16-2018 at 09:29 PM

You're not attaching to the lines, but to the leaders so you could just add knots and balls

Steve in Gypsum - 9-16-2018 at 10:17 PM

Hm. When I posted that question, I figured I'd end up looking (and feeling) like a dumb#@%$#!. Guess I need to take another look at the bar, leaders, lines and brake strap. I'm used to using tube kites, so this brake strap business is new to me. Thanks Kamikuza. :)

Kamikuza - 9-17-2018 at 01:01 AM

What are you putting it on? I assuming it's a depower bar of some sort?

The two brands I've seen -- Flysurfer and Ozone -- are just knots in the leaders. The "balls" are the stock things from sailing stores. Then the brake strap goes above them if you really think you need one.

The FS leaders are "flat" (doubled and stitched IIRC) and I can't remember what the Ozone ones are, the same maybe.

Oh the other option is, assuming your bar has short enough leaders, is to just larks head the strap at the point the rear lines attach -- basically just lay one loop end of the strap on top of the loop for the leader then larS-P-A-M-L-I-N-K-s head the rear line through both loop.

I think that'll work. Can't see why not.

Ed Cline - 9-17-2018 at 03:10 AM

At 30. usd I'm willing to tie a knot in a heavy Dacron line. Slip knot with an extra wrap.

..just noticed i lock it off with shrink tube. the dacron when big won't melt like our little lines do.

nate76 - 9-17-2018 at 05:51 AM

You should be able to make a figure-8 knot in the leader line. Depending on your brake strap, you can have the loop in the strap straddle the knot and clamp down on it, or just have the brake strap loop sit in forward of the knot. Which bar are you trying to do it on?

Steve in Gypsum - 9-17-2018 at 09:22 AM

Thanks everyone for your input. After pulling the bar out, comparing it with the Ozone and Flysurfer bars that I also have, and with your input, I've got the brake strap set up now. Thanks for all your input.