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NAPKA to begin retiring numbers

shehatesmyhobbies - 8-13-2018 at 06:04 PM

Hello members, as you most know, it's been a sad week with the passing of Jon Ellis. He will be sorely missed by so many. He has been a part of traction kiting and Buggying since the beginning here in the States. Mr Clean as he was known by so many, has taken his last ride here on this earth and is now tearing up the hard pack above.

After a couple phone calls, it was brought up in a conversation between Morrie and myself, that the great Sean Butler, a close friend of Jon's and part of the West Coast Crew that were so fortunate to spend many many hours on the beach with Jon,that maybe we should start retiring the numbers of those members who have passed away. It didn't take but a second to agree with this and make a decision.

Morrie will be researching our data base for names of those members who have passed away and we will begin the process. Mr Ellis's number will be retired during SOBB in just a few weeks with a special memorial at the event. An honor for those who knew him so well.

We will also be having a ceremony at WBB in October as well to remember and honor him.

Whenever a number is retired, we will announce it on this page as a sign of respect.

Thanks Sean for such a wonderful idea
Strong winds and tight lines to you all.

BeamerBob - 8-14-2018 at 01:34 PM

What's great way to honor those no longer with us.