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EPIC day at JIBE

mougl - 5-16-2018 at 05:30 PM

Today started slowly as we watched thunderheads far south make their way to us. A bunch of us waited in the parking lot, buggies packed and ready to head to the beach. I decided to bring all my small gear as the wind has been nuking here. (Firey sand) We all make our way down to the beach to make the most of the day as we know that in a few hours, we WILL be getting very, very wet. One by one, the kites launch and buggies leave buggy camp. Wind direction was not ideal, but it was plenty good to make some SA-WEET downwind runs! Tacking upwind to the south water tower was a bit slow but hey, how bad can it be when you are getting seat time??? Kool-Aid smiles all around when the downwind runs came! Spencer was out there having a blast giving rides in the tandem, Chris was cruising in the blokart, Frank, Mark, Jim, Ted, Bob, Wexler, and everyone else putting some serious miles on their kites. Great fellowship all day long!!! There were some super fast runs out in today from several people. Bob, Wexler, Mark, just to name a few were lighting it up! I hit a new PB on my last run of the day in an Ivanpah buggy that was very generously loaned to me by Davis (THANK YOU SO MUCH DAVIS!!!) and flying my Ozone Frenzy UL 9m. So much more to tell but hungryyyyy and pizza is here! I'll post the photo of my gps speedo soon!!! 53.1 MPH....felt like 300!!!

shehatesmyhobbies - 5-17-2018 at 05:42 PM

Great new PB, in fact better than mine by 2 tenths! Time to get back to work. I'm impressed, I know it's a rare occasion the winds get going like that down there. Congrats dude! Super stoked for you.

markite - 5-25-2018 at 10:13 AM

I had all my go pros but didn't put them on until thursday and a short bit friday - would have loved getting some of the pack riding shots riding beside you and the others - and of course your Jack Sparrow outfit....or was it? never did see the two of you side by side...hmmm
Nice one on the new PB, some good days of riding.

oh and totally forgot - when i got home a long time friend with a kite cat here in canada told me he hasn't used it in a few years and thinking of selling it and called to discuss what would be a fair price and if I know anyone interested ....more on that later (teaser)

mougl - 5-26-2018 at 06:41 PM


Already starting to sell off some toys to justify a purchase!!! Please keep me informed!