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Looking for a new kite to fly, mostly stationary, skidding, jumping

Zanzabar - 5-7-2018 at 03:14 PM

I'm looking for a new kite or kites to make my flying days more enjoyable currently have only a Blade 4.0 which is nice with a strong 15-17 constant wind. Unfortunately the places that I fly in are usually are about 12-17 and not as constant sometimes gusty.
The main location I fly at has shifting wind windows which can be troublesome but it is the best place nearby that's not full of tics.

I am about 225 lbs so my 4m is a little lacking when it comes to jumping around with. The only other power kites that I have flown much was my friends pkd buster and that had just enough power to jump around a bit with.

I have tried kiting on a mountain board but I prefer to have my feet on the ground (or in the air).

Having just gotten back into flying I really don't know what kites are good for what I am looking to do. I prefer flying quad lines with handles, I find bars confusing and two line kites difficult to control.

Mostly just looking for a kite that will pick me up, and drag me around a little in the lower winds.

Any advice would be helpful thanks.

tomdiving - 5-8-2018 at 06:57 AM

4.9 and 6.5 blades are going cheap on ebay now.

jeffnyc - 5-8-2018 at 08:38 PM

I don't do any jumping, but from what I've read on this site you will want a much bigger kite than a 4m, particularly at 225. Getting in the air is easy (I've been lifted by my 1.8m Beamer), coming down safely is the hard part. Do a quick search here, there are plenty of recommendations, including larger Blades. Be safe!

skimtwashington - 5-9-2018 at 08:08 AM

I can't tell how much ("..a bit"...) Jumping experience, or overall experience you have actually had by your post.

Whenever someone says they want to jump with a kite...it sets off some alarms ... if... they have limited kite experience or ability. That's partly because people on here care, but also people getting hurt or hurting others can shut down kiting at a location.

Again...don't know your full experience. Even folks on here with great ability and experience have had frightening accidents.

Regular jumping experts(like Carl!) often use depower(bar not handles) for great control and smooth landings. Quad handle fixed bridal jumping is much more a risk. Gusty and/or shifting wind multiplies risk.

Be very careful if you are jumping.

Zanzabar - 5-9-2018 at 08:52 AM

By jumping I am mostly refering to doing some pendulum jumps, Im not trying to jump really high in the air. Just swing around a bit. I'm just looking for a kite that doesnt drop me the moment i put all my weight onto it like my 4m does.

that being said I am still looking for better places to fly with more consistent winds, and your suggestion of using a bar sounds like something I should try, though ill have to get some practice with it first.

I have seen some of what can happen when a gust comes along, A friend of mine chipped a tooth and he was lucky that was all that happened to him.

I am trying to broaden my range of kites so I can fly in different winds as well. Going out on a breezy day and not being able to fly is no fun, though I did just pickup a quadline Revolution, so I should have something to do if the wind is really low.

skimtwashington - 5-9-2018 at 09:49 AM

Jumps are jumps.....and most are pretty much pendulum trajectories anyway.

You can be dropped from height- relatively low or much higher-but that is just one component of the jump.You need not much height at all to get hurt.

It doesn't take but several feet even, to twist ankle if not prepared to ABSORB compression of gravity-if you are not FLOATING down in complete slow motion. People do it slipping or missing a step on stairs!

Then... there is the trajectory forward-aside from height. This is sometimes called a 'Superman' . This is where you may be at low height trajectory, but pulled forward at quick acceleration.

Think of a low arc trajectory that pulls you up only 2 -6 feet, but accelerating you to 20+ mph or more forward.. across 25-75+ft of ground before you slam back down.

If you have trouble imagining what I am saying there are kiting accident films to show bad judgement, inexperience, callous behavior, or simply bad luck on Youtube .

We try to avoid posting such film here. It makes our sport seem unsafe.

Again.... just be cautious, safe and have fun!

Zanzabar - 5-9-2018 at 10:14 AM

I have seen some of what you are talking about and I plan to be very careful when learning a new kite a coworker of mines old coach died from a kite accident, and ive seen my kite drag a friend of mine through the grass because he didn't just let go, I plan to be cautious but thanks for the reminder of how dangerous it can be, its easy to forget that when your excited to try a new kite.

If I were to get a smaller kite for high winds / practice what would be your recommendation.
I figure if I have other options, I will be less likely to do something stupid just because I want to fly that day.

Zanzabar - 5-9-2018 at 11:11 AM

[deleted double post]

abkayak - 5-9-2018 at 03:07 PM

everyone needs a 3m kite
7+m for going up...not sure how that landing will be
the bar...we are talking depower now, not for a fb kite
if your comfy w/ what your doing u can always hook in and fly longer and really scud around...if your not

Demoknight - 6-26-2018 at 06:29 AM

If you want a good jumping kite, look at buying a used 19m Speed 3 Deluxe. In the wind range you are talking about, that is the best and safest jumping kite for any reasonable amount of money. Don't jump with any kite less than 8 meters.

Bladerunner - 6-26-2018 at 02:17 PM

As you know small lifty kites like the Blade 4 and 4.9 will lift you in strong winds ( and gusts ) . A better pilot than me can loop and stuff to keep up power while airborne but....

I struggled with timing trying to learn to jump with my 9m Blade. Not until I started flying larger depower kites did it all come together with nice soft landings and comfortable hangtime. Big depower kites are slower and not as entertaining to just fly but they are key to nice float.

I agree that if jumping is what you want to do you should be looking at larger depower kites. Speed 2 and 3 + a few of the Peter Lynn arcs are extremely good bang for buck on the used market. You want something like 15 to 19m. I get an amazing wind range out of my 15m arc and it was the 1st kite I really nailed my jumps with. My 19m Speed is sweet but for low winds only. ( i am a light weight ) .

When static jumping every time you send the kite you are rolling the dice. It isn't if but when will it turn bad. I have mashed my ankle for life that way. At least in motion you have a bit of a chance to ride / slide it out. I very rarely static jump anymore for that reason.

I get it that you want to jump. It is what appeals to many of us. Just play it safe and you will be O.K.