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Mountain board siezed - can I replace the hardware or do I have to buy new trucks?

Canoepoloist - 4-20-2018 at 01:31 PM


I've got a mountain board with rusted and siezed skate trucks, I can't turn toe-side at all which led to a couple of wipeouts! It's a MBS Core 90 from a few years ago with what look like original MTB ATB skate trucks (not the pro ones available now). The nut is so corroded that a spanner was stripping it, even after I used penetrating oil.

So... if I cut off the nut and remove the kingpin, are they standard parts I can order from a hardware store or do I need to replace the trucks?

I'm new to this forum and also to power kiting and landboarding. I've got myself a Libre Bora 4.5 sq.m and a Firebee 3.0 sq.m, plus a channel truck ATB and a skate truck ATB. I've been out about 5 times with them, got a few short runs but need more practice. I've been ATBing my commute to improve my feel for the board.

Loving it so far!!


abkayak - 4-21-2018 at 07:34 AM

soooo...is this for real?
i never know anymore...

jeffnyc - 4-21-2018 at 12:50 PM

This one's real I think. At least no duplicates on the boards here.

Sorry Canoepoloist, been having a bit of a spam problem - if you don't mind, just reply to let us know you're a human.

I would imagine the kingpin is replaceable. Maybe try contacting MBS and see if they'll send you just that part. A new skate truck is 30 bucks on the MBS site. https://www.mbs.com/parts/

I'm sure others here know more inexpensive ways to do it.

indigo_wolf - 4-21-2018 at 07:22 PM

Could be that MBS parts are not readily available in his particular part of the UK.

Or doesn't want to take the shipping burn for such a small item.

Check https://www.powerkiteshop.com they might have the part, but it might be too small to list on their website and they claim Free 24 hour shipping on many of their products. Their phone number is 0121 544 9514 and their email is: info@powerkiteshop.com

According the MBS specs the king pin is 3/8" x 50 mm (Cromoly), they don't specify thread pitch but most kingpin threads are fine (rather than coarse) so look for something with a thread pitch of about 24. If you aren't getting a direct MBS replacement, get a bolt that has been hardened to Grade 8 or whatever the British equivalent is so that is doesn't shear on you while you are under power. Make sure that when you reassemble things to either use a NyLock nut or a thread locker like Loctite Blue 242.

While you have the trucks apart, check the shoulders around the mounting holes for cracks or other damage. Also make sure there hasn't been any gouging of the pivot cup which could also be causing turning problems.

Also make sure no damage has occurred to any of the bushings or other parts so that you can decide whether you are better off ordering multiple parts or a replacement truck.



Canoepoloist - 4-22-2018 at 08:03 AM

I'm a real human person!!

Thanks Sam for the diagram, any idea what the bolt specs are?

I've already contacted MBS, they offered to throw in the bolts and nuts with an order of pivot cups and bushings. I've just had those delivered, but no harm in having spares for 8 quid plus postage.

If the specs are well known I might head down to the hardware shop instead. But mine are too rusted to measure.

indigo_wolf - 4-22-2018 at 04:43 PM

Quote: Originally posted by Canoepoloist  

Thanks Sam for the diagram, any idea what the bolt specs are?

Re-read the 4th paragraph (in blue) of my last post ;) :lol:


Canoepoloist - 4-22-2018 at 11:34 PM

Haha, sorry!

Reading on my phone is my only excuse. And it's not a good one!

I think thread pitch won't matter as I'll get a new nut so it just has to fit snug in the bushings.

Thanks again.


Canoepoloist - 4-23-2018 at 07:22 AM

MBS is sending me 2 kingpins, washers and nuts for the cost of the P&P, GBP 3.99.


jeffnyc - 4-23-2018 at 08:39 AM

Cool - always worth a shot to ask. They have a really good parts department. Maybe they're just happy people are still riding their boards :D

IW - you are awesome with your diagrams and knowledge.