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Flexifoil Blurr 3.5m 2017 Photo Review

Barro - 3-30-2018 at 03:38 AM

Please also see my in-depth review of the Blurr 2.5m, as these two sizes have quite the same characteristics.

I have been flying the 2017 Blurr 3.5m, in the buggy on flat beach and in the dunes, on various occasions now, and I love it.
A windspeed of 16-20 knots is ideal in the Buggy, whilst handeling gusts up to 24 knots is fine.
I like the fact that when taking off, also whilst in the Buggy, it is quite safe as it does not explode into action, but has a nice smooth power build up.
The PL Reactor II 3.5m on the other hand is a bit faster and has more pop, which is more risky when the kite is on the ground.
The 3.5m Blurr is naturally a bit slower than than the 2.5m due to size, but still very reactive in steering.
I anyways fly with 15m / 13m lines so that certainly keeps any kite more reactive.
Landing directly downwind, even in its upper windrange is smooth and very controllable.
Taking a couple of steps towards the kite whilst doing so makes it even more relaxed.

1 Flexifoil Blurr 3.5.jpg - 175kB 2 Flexifoil Blurr 3.5.jpg - 188kB 4 Flexifoil Blurr 3.5.jpg - 70kB 6 Flexifoil Blurr 3.5.jpg - 68kB 7 Flexifoil Blurr 3.5.jpg - 79kB 8 Flexifoil Blurr 3.5.jpg - 66kB 9 Flexifoil Blurr 3.5.jpg - 86kB 10 Flexifoil Blurr 3.5.jpg - 150kB 12 Flexifoil Blurr 3.5.jpg - 57kB 13 Flexifoil Blurr 3.5.jpg - 62kB

Barro - 3-30-2018 at 03:40 AM

Yes, the 2017 model has the AoA adjuster. see image.
New are the plastic pieces, instead of knots for positioning.
I have tried it on other positions. It does change the behaviour as described,
even though I basically leave it on middle, factory position.

AoA.jpeg - 185kB

skimtwashington - 3-30-2018 at 04:49 AM

Does this model's bridal still have the adjustable AoA( angle of attack)... and did you try any of the different knot positions, if it does?):



ColinW - 3-30-2018 at 08:28 PM

I flew my blurr 3.5 today on the playa.
I got it during the Amazon give away for 75 bucks or something.
It does have the AOA adjustment. Very timely post from you ski, cuz I couldn't remember how the settings worked. I had it set for most upwind and least grunt.
The wind turned on today like somebody had thrown a switch. We were sitting behind the truck sweating, watching the Canadian flag windsock barely flutter. I had unrolled my 7.5m century, and my Jojo 5.5 waiting for a gradual rise in wind speed. Bam! It was on. Kites reverse launching by themselves, and everybody looking for their harnesses. I probably could hav handled the Jojo, but tbh, got scared, so pulled out the blurr.
Nice calm ride.
I was surprised how far upwind it would fly, considering its shape.
Once I got rolling,I could have used more power. But I was moving nicely.
I think I am transitioning from beginner kites to race kites, so really could have put up a century, but I'm still learning how to fly a higher aspect kite.