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fletcht - 3-5-2018 at 08:55 PM

This is the second attempt formally.
I have noticed that NAPKA Membership has dropped considerably. West Coast participants seem to be the largest drop.
Thank you East Coast and Canada for supporting the organization. Yes, I know there are other regions, but those areas seem to be the strongest.
My point, just because you currently fly where an insurance liability is not required, does not mean it will not always be that way. We need to support each other.
Please support NAPKA, and each other. Renew, it is 30 bucks, not that big of deal.
You never know when you wish to hold an event or a private landowner will ask.
Also, BLM, DNR, PARKS, all look for additional funding and ways of protecting themselves.


bigkid - 3-5-2018 at 09:01 PM

Hip hip hooray

shehatesmyhobbies - 3-6-2018 at 04:38 AM

Great post Evans, seems like we peaked in 2013 at about 127 members, then leveled off for the next couple years at around 80ish members, then 75 last year.

Thanks for your continued efforts on the West side.

BeamerBob - 3-6-2018 at 11:41 AM

This seems to follow other indicators that participation is in decline. This is not a NAPKA specific issue.

jeffnyc - 3-6-2018 at 12:37 PM

Participation doubled on Atlantic Beach this year.

Kober - 3-6-2018 at 10:18 PM

jeff .... from one to 2 ???

D Cheek - 3-7-2018 at 12:07 AM

NAPKA membership would increase if all event organizers would require that any and all event participates be required to be members. Credentials must be shown in order to prove membership with a current card and then registered. If nonmembers wish to join the event then the organizer can sign them up on the spot! Bam! An instant new NAPKA member.:D

Too many buggy piolets and power kiters are coming to events that are not NAPKA members! This fact alone poses a HUGE insurance liability for us members. If a nonmember were to have an accident, hurt a spectator, hurt themselves or damage private property where would the responsibility lay?

In a court of law, the responsibility would be on the event organizer on the grounds that there was not due diligence and he would be personally liable! I'm sure all you event organizers have deep pockets. You organizers might want to consider tightening up your bookkeeping to protect your assets.

An accident from a non-member at an organized event is most likely the fastest way for us members to lose a great place to buggy.

Come on fellows, $30 bucks is a drop in the hat to protect our passion and power kite locations.

jeffnyc - 3-7-2018 at 05:59 AM

jeff .... from one to 2 ???

Yep. Insane growth.

All kidding aside, joining NAPKA was a no-brainer, happy to support even if I had never planned on going to an event.

abkayak - 3-8-2018 at 05:38 AM

30$/Yr...perhaps the greatest bargain in the free world
don't just do it for yourself...do it for the children :no:

shehatesmyhobbies - 3-8-2018 at 10:39 AM

Cheeks, try as we may, all of us that organize events try to ensure everyone is a napka member. If someone refuses to become a member We can neither stop them from coming to a public beach, force them to become a member, nor stop them from flying or riding. Most comply with no issue and some always hesitate to put their plates on, but even with a permit from authorities, it's a public beach and other beach goers can be there even if they are cheating the system with us. I myself advise that we are not responsible for their actions and will not cover them if they damage any public or personal property. I always plead that it is much easier to just pay the $30 and have even paid for someone if I had to. It's a tough road, but we try to do what we can.

Windstruck - 3-8-2018 at 10:52 AM

I personally think you guys are fantastic for organizing this and have willingly paid to keep my membership up to date since I learned about it a few years ago. Hard to affect everyone's behavior as said above; hopefully most will comply for the common and personal good.

Blitzhound - 3-8-2018 at 03:12 PM

I am a Member of NAPKA. I think its a good thing and I am up for anything that promotes our sport. BUT...Had someone told me early on in my Kite life, when i was first starting out that i had to buy a membership to some association in order to participate in an event like SOBB. If I'm being totally honest. I just wouldn't go. I live 2 miles from a good beach location for buggyin. It takes me 5 minutes to get there. I buggy on a regular basis. ( I can buggy anytime I want without a membership) To go to an event like SOBB it's a 4 hour drive one way. I bring the RV and usually the whole family. So im not doing it for the buggyin. This is literally the only social thing I do. I'm NOT a social person...in fact I really don't like people for the most part. In the beginning i was doing it to learn from others. Now its for social purposes. I don't know what WBB or JIBE or many of the other events around the country are like but if they are like SOBB. Where it is a relatively small group of buggiers getting together informally. Making membership a requirement to participate would IMO kill these small informal events. Now something like The Washington State International Kite Festival or maybe IBX. Where there is going to be hundreds to possibly thousands of people at a large public event. Absolutely. In fact I know its a requirement to participate at WSIKF and i believe at IBX as well and I'm all for it at large events like these. I guess my point is. I can buggy all day everyday without a permit or membership. But if i want to buggy with others i have to pay up? "Looks like I'll be flying Solo." Would have been my response. Maybe I'm just Spoiled because of where i live?, Maybe I'm just being anti-Social, Maybe i'm just being cheap and or lazy, Or maybe I'm Just being an A-hole. I don't know. As said before I am a Member (US541) and I do believe its a good thing but making it a requirement for every event big or small would destroy the participation in the sport even further. This is just my personal take on the Matter.

shehatesmyhobbies - 3-8-2018 at 04:35 PM

Blitz, I appreciate your honesty, maybe a little broader scope to what NAPKA is about is in store.

Events like WISIKF, WBB, JIbE, likely wouldn't be around anymore if it wasn't for NAPKA. Countless hours went into Washington state parks and rec, by NAPKA members, and even before NAPKA was brought around including Mr. Fletcher, Bigkid, Morrie, Jon Ellis and several more. Fighting for the right to access beaches, one of the main goals of NAPKA, so that kite sports could take place on those beaches.

The other main reason for NAPKA is to provide liability insurance to protect communities from liability so that events can take place, that's what the membership fees pay for.

WBB used to be able to have events without permits and insurance till someone from the upper levels of the local government decided that without insurance and permits, WBB was no more. So as the organizer of that event at that time I proposed to the people who come to the event that we either seek out our own insurance, pay out of pocket a possible higer fee, or make it a NAPKA sanctioned event, or even worse, let memories be, and just move on without an event. They chose 100% to just join NAPKA and help the cause. At the time we had as many as 75 people coming to WBB at a time, and have averaged at least 50 since to have a great event and become quite the family ourselves. We talk all year long on the phone, texting, or Facebook. We take care of each other and make sure we invite new people each time to spread our joy in kiting and grow our family.

Jibe was also having insurance woes, hard to get insurance for kiting, no one wants to take on the possibility of the sport we love. Angus gave me a ring and I helped him bring NAPKA to his aid. Back to running smooth again.

NAPKA has helped out with IBX as well when needed.

NAPKA is much more than a membership fee, it's a group of diehard kiters that help fight the fight behind the scenes to keep open spaces we need to enjoy our sport. It provides insurance for events that require it, and more than anything NAPKA helps ensure safety within the sport, safety to the public, and overall brotherhood and sisterhood amongst its members. We are all family in this sport even without NAPKA, but these days I'm sure glad NAPKA is around, without it our sport would suffer even more endings in areas where it used to thrive.

Any questions please feel free to ask.

shehatesmyhobbies - 3-8-2018 at 04:45 PM

Need to add, it's not required for every event, just the ones that have requested insurance help due to the lack of access for insurance.

NAPKA really helps with events like jibe, WISIKF, and WBB as far as organization. You don't have to chase people down for registration fees, because if there is insurance required, a registration fee is inevitable. It just lets everyone show up and have a good time.

D Cheek - 3-9-2018 at 09:50 AM

This statement from Rich really sums it up in a nutshell,

"NAPKA is much more than a membership fee, it's a group of diehard kiters that help fight the fight behind the scenes to keep open spaces we need to enjoy our sport. It provides insurance for events that require it, and more than anything NAPKA helps ensure safety within the sport, safety to the public, and overall brotherhood and sisterhood amongst its members. We are all family in this sport even without NAPKA, but these days I'm sure glad NAPKA is around, without it our sport would suffer even more endings in areas where it used to thrive."

A NAPKA membership covers us anywhere we, you, or an event takes place. Accidents can happen anywhere! Solo, a small bunch or several at an event.

In Aiken, our NAPKA cards allowed us to use polo fields to buggy and Chris even held "The Chilie Run" event there because he showed the owner his card and also a hold harmless agreement.

A NAPKA membership can give us access to places of private ownership and even your local beaches that are owned by the local governments. Also, a beach is not public. It is owned by a government entity that allows the public to have limited access. They make the rules and at any time shut them down to any activity they don't want. Such as fishing, driving cars and ATV's on the beach, no animals and the no glass bottles on beaches law. Beaches are not "public". A NAPKA card in your pocket could give you the verification of your responsibly of your activity on a beach if confronted by a government agent.

A membership total of only 80 people is piss poor. It needs to be 2-3 hundred or more so the organization can afford the insurance policies and binders.

You don't drive your cars without insurance, do you? And you homeowners and renters, do you not have insurance? And how about that health insurance card in your wallet? And a life insurance policy you pay for your self and your family!

$30 bucks a year is a small small premium to pay to protect our brothers and sisters and our favorite buggy and power kite locations. So why are some of you knuckleheads so opposed to supporting our sport? Too many OBE's on your head, right?

Join! We have a sport that has special issues and needs and a $30 membership
will help us maintain our access. Most us have several hundreds if not thousands of dollars invested in our gear and $30 bucks can protect that investment as far as places to use that gear goes.

Get off your butts and go to the NAPKA web page and join now!

Blitzhound - 3-9-2018 at 10:52 AM

D Cheeks: As stated in my previous comment. I am a member of NAPKA (US541). I am all for NAPKA and anything else that promotes our sport. Did you fail to read that part? NOBODY here is Opposed to supporting our sport. So your attempt to chastise me was completely unnecessary. I was trying to point out that new people to the sport may not understand the importance of NAPKA and it may deter them from joining the events and NAPKA. I think once they have had a taste of an event and get into the sport more they will most certainly be more than happy to join. WE...already understand, WE are already members, WE need to sell NAPKA to new people.

The first time I showed up to SOBB I was not invited. I didn't know anyone and i knew even less about buggyin. If on that first day someone had told me. "sorry big guy but if you want to be here you have to pay me $30 and it can take several weeks to process your application. So...Come back next year?" My response would be the exact same one I'm giving to your chastising me. A giant middle finger pointing straight up in the air!!!

Since your not capable of comprehending the point i was tryin to make. (Too many OBE's on your head?) I'll try to dumb it down for you. If you want it to be a blanket requirement to buggy solo or in an event then you need to set up some sort of entry procedure. That doesnt just turn new people away from the sport without instantly hitting them with fees. The amount is irrelevant. We are already LOSING people. Lets try NOT to alienate potential new MEMBERS! NAPKA is like any other product out there. You need to sell it!

shehatesmyhobbies - 3-9-2018 at 05:01 PM

Point taken and appreciated Blitz. I offer any noobs that come to WBB to come as my guest and not purchase a membership till they are willing to return again. We have that ability on our waiver to have a guest pilot, you just print out a waiver form, have both parties sign and off you go. I've had a couple take me up on the offer, most have just said they would become a member anyway. Either way I'm good. That offer still stands.

When I first found out about napka I signed up to help fight the cause. Some join just for the events, and that's ok too. As I stated before I don't force those that won't, but in my case for WBB, I have to inform them that if something happens they are liable as that's my job as the organizer of that event, the napka president and a safety minded individual that is also looking out for others at the event.

Let's all just find some wind, stretch or sails and take a ride. In the end it's all about having a good time doing what we love.

Randy - 3-9-2018 at 06:45 PM

While on the subject more or less, what exactly does and doesn't the NAPKA insurance cover? It would be helpful to know in case "the authorities" ever get curious.

shehatesmyhobbies - 3-9-2018 at 07:21 PM

The insurance we have is for liability protection for landowners or local government agencies who control portions of land, against damage to persons or property within said properties or monetary damages in case of personal injury or property damage. Basically what any event holder would have to have to hold an event. It is not a personal protection or property insurance so if we get injured or damage our personal property it's on us.

There is the possibility to get coverage for "practicing for an event" which can be held on a property other than where an event is taking place, ie, beach or piece of land owned by an individual but would like to see an insurance policy for protection. The napka member Would still have to come through napka to ask for a COI, which can be done through myself or Morrie Williams.

The limits are up to date with most current standards for municipalities

D Cheek - 3-10-2018 at 12:16 AM

Obviously, some people don't understand the cost to participate in most events and sport. In order to run a 1,2,5,10k race, you have to register and pay an entry fee. A ski lift ticket has a lot of fine print on the back that says in so many words that your purchase says you will abide by the rules of that lift and that ski slope. Want to saltwater fish offshore from a drift boat you got to buy a ticket. $50/100 a trip. Want to participate in a karate tournament you got to pay an entry fee. Shooting guns at a gun range cost $'s. Even playing pool has a cost involved. Get my drift?

Why do some want to be like outlaw motorcyclist and not even try to support our sport?

You buy a buggy, a kite or two, a line set and other things in your quiver, why not include a NAPKA card there also? I believe that's the most important bit of gear you can own to protect your investment!

shehatesmyhobbies - 3-10-2018 at 05:29 AM

Cheeks, I appreciate your support and enthusiasm, but difference in opinion is ok, not becoming a NAPKA member just to support a cause is ok as well. I understand and see both sides. I wish we weren't in a time where we have to have permits and insurance, but thats just how it is. I believe the beach belongs to all of us!

Here on this coast, kites, frisbee, footballs, anything that can be thrown, flown or pitched are banned, sun shades are now banned on most beaches, vehicles were never allowed to just drive on the beach at will, have to have a permit and be fishing, no fishing,ticket, hell not enough rods in the water per person of age on the beach, ticket!

It's a crazy world out there of red tape, but we can get around it.

abkayak - 3-10-2018 at 06:51 AM

i don't pay to go kiting.
i pay NAPKA for kiting to go forward

D Cheek - 3-10-2018 at 08:35 AM

Thanks for your support Abkayak. That's the spirit.

I'm sure by now that this total post and follow up comments are starting to sound like a membership telethon for NPR, National Public Radio. and should end soon.

However, the cost of doing business with bureaucracies, insurance companies, and similar authorities has risen so everyone needs to step up and pay your dues.

Please join NAPKA "for kiting to go forward".

hiaguy - 3-10-2018 at 12:49 PM

Interesting thread...

Quote: Originally posted by abkayak  
i don't pay to go kiting.
i pay NAPKA for kiting to go forward

Well said Brandon!

Knowing that we are covered by liability insurance, and that's what makes the "authorities" happy so that we can have fun on public/government land/beach, is certainly worth more than just $30 per year to me.