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Kitesurfing Sardinia

Magdalena - 1-9-2018 at 08:58 AM

Hello :) ,

I would like to "sponsor" the South of Sardinia as a perfect place for kitesurfing.

The south of Sardinia is not yet so much considered but it is one of the best places for Kitesurfing in Europe: it has beautiful kite Spots for all levels, a great sea and nature and excellent statistics on weather and wind.

You can find some useful information on:
- Kiteboarding Sardinia
- Sardinia Kitesurfing Spots

Hope to see you soon in Sardinia :)

jimbocz - 1-10-2018 at 02:07 AM

How about buggying? Are any of those beaches hard enough?

Stevie - 3-28-2018 at 08:54 PM

Hi Magdalena,

thanks for sharing. Which Location would you recommend? I just found this site https://www.travindr.de/kitereisen/kitesurfen-italien/sizili... (in German language) there they recommend Lo Stagnone und Puzziteddu, would you recommend another Spot or is there even another Spot for Kitesurfen in the south of sicily? Are there other Spots on the Island expect from the South? Thanks =)

@jimbocz the beaches are pretty soft and really small. I dont think that it is possible for buggying.