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Dead Bird 2017

windthing2 - 10-9-2017 at 03:34 AM

Hi everybody , it's that time of year to start getting plans for Thanksgiving on the beach.
Let us start by choosing a location.
As always ,I definintly prefer San Luis Pass for practical and safety reason plus it's cleaner and slightly better suited for camping.

Feel free to make any suggestions or voice your wants here and lets get this started

Rick and Sarah

centex_buggier - 11-1-2017 at 06:50 PM

SLP for me. I will be there the whole week.

windthing2 - 11-15-2017 at 04:51 PM

see ya there steve

Cat - 1-21-2018 at 10:26 AM

IS there any interest and or need to save the DBBB web site? Just curious..