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12"x8" Coyote Doom Wheels Hybrid V2

jcardin - 9-30-2017 at 08:21 AM

Seeing how this forum section is so dead...I thought I might as well start a another new thread :D

Anyhow, lo and behold, I present my latest build on my Coyote Doom Wheels Hybrid with a 12" front and 8" (200x50 or more like 7.5") back wheels.

These now have aluminum rails and I left the back section long enough to mount another 12" wheel for comparison tests in the future.

I think they would be just too much to handle though with two 12" wheels per skate (weight, height and wheelbase all taken into consideration).

The 12" front wheel ensures I can clear most any tough terrain and gives me added confidence for tackling various downhill grassy areas.

The 8" back wheel allows me to keep the wheelbase manageable, reduces height (most important at the heels), and allows me to turn by pivoting back on it.

I have already tested them on some downhill and flat ground and they seem to work well enough. The biggest issue is weight as the 12" wheel weighs about double that of the 8". However, it's really not that bad as overall it is equivalent to 3, 8" wheels, which would still be one less than terrablades (for comparison).

I am probably going to start using walking poles to aide in propulsion, but I have skated them so far without.

I have also just used one skate and pushed off with my free foot to rapidly cross ground and even go down some short grass slopes (kind of like having a little scooter on your foot). The wide wheels make it easy to balance one footed.

I am currently using Pedalflow front wheels which I believe are the same as the discontinued Trikke t12 wheels (hub at least). I may have to find a different (likely cheaper) 12" wheel to test on the backs when I cross that bridge for testing and comparison.

One more thing, if you are looking for 9x2" wheels with 8mm axle hubs, the trikke T78/T8 Air wheels are what you need. I got a slightly used trikke t78 air with the 3 wheels ($100) on Craigslist and am replacing the bearings with some bones reds. I may use these for further off road builds and may also replace my 200x50s with these as they are larger and have a smoother tire tread that will work well on pavement as well as off road.

IMG_2091e.JPG - 105kB

2nd pic

jcardin - 9-30-2017 at 08:21 AM

Pic 2:

IMG_2092e.JPG - 92kB

Windstruck - 9-30-2017 at 12:00 PM

OK, those are pretty much just bad a$$. I assume you will eventually be kite skating with these bad boys. I'm curious, does having your heel down help with the hip drop and leveraging against the pull of the harness. I'm thinking it might, but I'm curious about hearing your thoughts on this.

jcardin - 9-30-2017 at 08:41 PM


Not too sure about your observations since I have never actually kited before. I'm mostly just here for the creative parts and fulfilling my dream of rolling down and through wherever there is some rolling to be had. :smilegrin:

That said, it does sound reasonable regarding the leveraging aspect you mentioned.

I am afraid I am getting too old and my monetary resources are limited, so actual kite skating doesn't seem likely to happen unless something truly magical happens in the next few years.