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Bonneville Salt Flats

slapbasswoody - 8-14-2017 at 06:22 AM

Well guys and gals,
I took the family to Bonneville yesterday for speed week and decided to put the buggy on the back of the truck (you know.......just in case)
Well what a place!!!!!!!
The wind wasn't very strong, I guess between 7 - 10 mph
Up went the 15m Chrono and away I went.
This place is absolutely mahooosive and the surface is perfect for buggying.
Not too much resistance and not so much grip that you cant scrub off speed by sliding out the back end.
I really cannot believe that more people don't use this place for buggying or land sailing.
The wind although not strong was like being on the shore it was so smooth.
With it being speed week there were lots of hot rods and cars driving up and down to the raceway.
Well it seemed only right that I gave them a bit of a race and it was great fun.
If you are ever passing by Bonneville, take your buggy and some kites. You won'r be disappointed.

All the best


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