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Landsailing Oregon and Washington

blake52 - 7-14-2017 at 04:31 PM

I'll be heading up the Oregon and Washington coast in September. I have heard extremely conflicting reports about whether it is okay to sail on any of the beaches up that way. Any info would be appreciated.

Blitzhound - 7-14-2017 at 04:59 PM

Oregon beaches are open to all wind powered vehicles to the best of my knowledge. Hell. I buggy them all the time. Some of your best spots are going to be Sunset Beach near Seaside OR, Bastiondorff Beach in Charleston just west of Coos Bay, and Heceta Beach in Florence. They have the largest hard pack beachs around. There is another large Beach that I like to buggy on. It's large but not a lot of hard pack just North of Reedsport. There are a few other spots along the way. Newport and Lincoln city but access to some of these can be difficult. As far as Washington goes. Pacific Beach, and Ocean Shores are good places to go. There are some restrictions for when and where you can operate wind powered vehicles on Oregon beaches. I'll see if I can't find the flyers and email them too you. I'm a buggier. So my knowledge of landsailers is limited. Probably the best person to talk to might be Morrie Williams.


fletcht - 7-14-2017 at 05:06 PM

Longbeach Pennisula, in Washington from Cranberry Rd. North to Ocean Park is open year around.
A bit further North Grayland beach is open for sailing. It would be best to visit Washington State Parks website to find the maps that show the sections open and closed.

eric67m - 7-14-2017 at 08:25 PM

Here is the link to the article that shows the maps with the fully open, seasonally open and closed sections in Washington.


If you are around Sunset Beach in Oregon between September 2-10 2017 check out the SOBB gathering.

fletcht - 7-14-2017 at 09:32 PM

Thanks eric67m I got lazy.

fletcht - 7-14-2017 at 09:33 PM

Thanks eric67m I got lazy.

Thanks for the info

blake52 - 8-30-2017 at 04:40 PM

I may catch the end of your event at sunset beach.
Thanks for the reply and information.

eric67m - 8-30-2017 at 06:29 PM

The address or directions to Buggy camper on the s o b b page of this forum. When we are at the beach we generally park about two miles north (two phone post markers) of the Sunset Beach access road.

Hope to see you there.

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