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flexifoil sting 1.2 question

tomdiving - 3-13-2017 at 09:14 PM

can anyone please tell me if the sting 1.2 (think it's a version 2) that's set up as a 2 line kite with a bar ALSO has brake bridle attachment points?
i never considered that possibility until reading through a few other posts on this glorious forum.

indigo_wolf - 3-14-2017 at 12:49 AM

The Sting II is available as a 4 line or 2 line kite. The 2 line kite has no bridle attachment points for brakes.

The 4 line version of the Sting can be flown with control handles or a four line control bar.

The 2 line version can be flown with wrist straps (lightweight, contoured, or padded). To bring the kite down you fly it to the edge of the wind window and letting it stall. You can also bring it down in the center of the wind window by flying it close to the ground and running forward.

The 2 line version of the Sting can also be flown on a 2 line control bar. In this configuration, the safety wrist leash is attached to one of the control bar leaders. If you let go of the control bar in an "emergency," the wrist leash applies tension to a single fly line and brings the kite down in the "spiral of death." This is diagrammed on page 17/sheet 9 of the Flexifoil Landkite manual.


tomdiving - 3-14-2017 at 06:10 AM

I do appreciate the reply. the money I just saved that would have gotten a 2 line will now just idle in wait, in hope that a 4 line will become available.
or, i'll buy beer...

oldben - 4-21-2017 at 04:07 AM

The Flexifoil Rage 1.8 is on sale on Amazon for $149.

Its a very high quality kite with an equally nice bag. Has the triple A bridle adjuster also.

It is sold with out lines or handles, but I bet you can scare some up on the forum here.

I believe this would make an excellent "practice kite" plus make a good high wind kite for traction.


tomdiving - 4-21-2017 at 07:12 AM

I must have ALMOST pulled the trigger on this exact transaction a dozen times. I did pick up the 2.5 rage (love it!!!) there a few weeks ago.
made a set of pvc handles, put 'em on a pansh 1.4, and used the pansh set on the rage. (I'd ordered extra lines when I got the pansh)
I set up a quick link to the amazon 1.8 sale and check it every day. they're still at "9 left." I wanted to see how quickly they moved.
I now have a pkd buster 1.5 and hornet 2.0. do I NEED a 1.8 rage? no. can I possibly justify buying it? no.
am I going to eventually get one anyway? of course.
and today just might be that day.
thank you for letting me know!