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Split board for a world tour?

zarathoustra - 9-15-2016 at 07:45 AM


i am preparing a world tour ( Tarifa, Jerico, Paracas Boracay) and I discovered the world of Splitboard:
Since I travelling during 8 months with a lot of aircraft, bus, taxi ...
+ By myself and no driving I would have to go to the spot without a car ...
The split board seems to me the perfect solution! (Apart from the price that hurts)

I found :
- The Nomad 135 cm x 40 cm

- The 2016 Nobile NHP Splitboard (the Carbon version is too expensive)
different sizes 130x39 134x41 138x43

- FLYSPLIT: in 134x40 / 160x44

- Kite Element: 3 different boards
But they have some negative returns according design of their split

- Newind
same design like flysplit

After what I've read I will remember the Nobile (in first place after the different return) and Flysurf stands out from others,
What do you think?
I'm 1m92 for 93kg what size you will recommend me there? :?:

Thank you very much in advance :bye: !
PS : I am french so sorry for the mistake,) ( C'est la vie!)

The idea is that I bought my board before I go toTarifa next month and I bought the rest of my gear there after having tested for rent. (For splits it looks hard to find in stores and a also second hand)

robinsonpr - 9-15-2016 at 11:54 AM

Bonjour. I've personally got the Nobile NHP split 134x41. I don't have anything to compare it against and cannot comment on it's ride as I am a beginner. But as far as the build quality goes and general impression, it seems awesome!!