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Found Harness

TEDWESLEY - 5-7-2016 at 05:07 AM

While walking the dogs this morning I found a harness 2 minutes before the trash man came to haul it away. I'll be here through next week. Text me @ 207-420-0961 to retrieve it.

soliver - 5-7-2016 at 06:12 AM

What kind of harness is it?... pretty sure I have mine, but others might wanna know.

jrhook - 5-7-2016 at 06:28 AM

Soon to be retrieved, newish as in shiny, Peter Lynn seat harness size small!

Thanks Ted, the details surrounding this recovery are expanding by the moment! I was laughing with every new turn to the story so let me get a coffee here at JAX and see if I have this all down...

jrhook - 5-7-2016 at 06:58 AM

So...Yesterday after a great picnic, I'm sitting on the edge of the hardback for over an hour, enjoying the view, bebop ping along to my tunes etc. The wind was so quite at this point my singing was carrying upwind 40 yards away to the other devotees. Sooorrry!

Flew a bit here and there trying to appease the wind spirits... As soon as JimSSI came over to commiserate, the switch was flipped and I mean just that fast she came around on shore in the course of 30 seconds. Is that normal?

A relatively great day, given the prior couple, ensued. Kites and blue skies everywhere. Game on for the rest of the tide action which wore me out. Swung by Scott who was yelling about getting my Apex out so that was it. I'd have everything flying at least once on my last day. Could not get the grunt I needed out of it to go upwind so back to the fixed. Down goes the kite off comes the harness.

Packing up last night, completely disregarded the harness not being in the bag as once I shut it, BAM, 49.5 lbs, just like the trip down. Must be messy, damp kites weigh a tad more...

At JAX, there's Ted's post. Uh Oh...I was set up over by Ted...hmmm. Called him and asked if it was a newish PL seat harness MEDIUM. Nope, but wait their medium is a small, that was it, it WAS a small.

Anyway, he said he was walking the dogs by the Beach Club entrance this morning and there, up on the garbage cans, it is. That was coincidence 2 as firstly, it was up far enough to still be there after a massive high tide. Ted walks by for #3 and the garbage pick was heading right at him when he found it...BAM again, #4.

Thanks again for the help Ted... I WILL NEVER SELL THIS HARNESS!