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Hardwater Kiting Global GPS Speed Ranking 2016 Week 12 Result

Feyd - 3-29-2016 at 08:54 AM

Well for a winter that didn't really happen we had a good run and made the whole 12 weeks of the Hardwater Kiting Speed Ranking. Masskiter Joe Sharron managed to eek out another session and make it into the last week of the ranking which is remarkable given how scarce snowkite session have been for you souther New Englanders.

Guy Lebrun of Quebec came out on top for the last week with a top speed of 69 mph. Just short of beating his top speed of the season 70.87. American Chris Krug came in second place this week and second overall with 68.1mph. Petri Lehikoinen of Finland and last year's overall winner came in 3rd for the week with 64.4 mph.

A shout out to PKF'rs Chrissy Zobitz and Rob Bocik for their progression over the season. You guys were killing it out there!

This weeS-P-A-M-L-I-N-K-s ranking results as well as the final overall standings for the last 12 weeks can be found at hardwaterkiter.com


Thanks to all who participated. You all did great and we look forward to seeing you (and more) next season!

Chrisz - 3-29-2016 at 04:53 PM

Hey thanks! Sad to see the season end but can't wait for the open water season to begin! It was a struggle to get good ice conditions this year, was happy to get to 40 mph I'm sure I can get to 50 mph next year!

Cheddarhead - 3-29-2016 at 09:52 PM

Thanks Chris! A short season indeed! Hopefully El Nino goes into hibernation next season. Looking forward to making some progress on the open water when it finally warms up.