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Kite over flying wind window

rossimotogp - 2-28-2016 at 02:26 PM

I have an HQ apex III 7.5m. When flying in approximately 15mph winds I noticed that the kite has a tendency to overfly the wind window. (static flying) At one instance the kite went from the 12 o'clock position and then flew approximately 30ft behind me. Other times when flying towards the side of the window the kite would fly inbetween the 3-9 position then past the wind window, I then had to chase the kite all the way around me to keep it in the air without stalling. It really bewildered me.

Is this just a fact of life with these kites or can something be done to prevent the kite from over flying the wind window.

Any help would be appreciated.

WELDNGOD - 2-28-2016 at 02:45 PM

When the kite gets close to zenith,apply some brake to make it back down a little.

Bladerunner - 2-28-2016 at 03:39 PM

Sounds like gusty, shifty wind to me?

A gust will cause your kite to surge ahead. Overfly if static flying. The same surge will happen even down on the side.

Be careful about pulling in the bar when that happens overhead. It could send you straight up! Best choice is to try and steer the kite a bit.

To avoid overfly when actively flying slow the kite with brake input early or turn the kite a bit.

Is it possible you have Janky wind? Inland??

abkayak - 2-29-2016 at 06:32 AM

i have this kite...they arent really meant to static fly, sure get used to it if thats what your doing, but then get in motion
whip out a fb for fun static

Feyd - 2-29-2016 at 09:34 AM

The Apex will surge forward in a gust and overfly. It can be offset by sheeting in (essentially adding braking) but as pointed out this also changes the angle of attack and the result in higher winds is the kite will lift. Redirecting back is a good option if it's too windy.

Unless you have steady winds, the best practice to avoid getting lofted is not to sit with the kite at 12:00 but rather rest with the kite at somewhere closer to 10 and 2:00.

Sounds like the winds where you are can be pretty fickle.

Demoknight - 2-29-2016 at 09:43 AM

It sounds like you are flying in shifty and gusty conditions. At the beach with onshore breeze, any kite will park anywhere in the window and sit there. Inland or gusty and shifty winds, there isn't a kite that behaves without input. You have to constantly redirect the kite near the edge of the window or a gust will cause it to overfly, no matter how stable and tame the kite is. ARCs do it, foils do it, closed and open cell. Even single skin kites like the Peak I have seen do it. Best advice is to keep tension on the back lines to slow it down close to the window and redirect it before it reaches the edge of the window.