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First successful buggy run!

Blitzhound - 1-2-2016 at 04:26 PM

So...I've been a forum member for awhile now. I've been static flying for about 4 years now. I've even met a few of you at S.O.B.B. This fall. I didn't have a buggy then. But a month later Jellies hooked me up with a sweet V-max. It's takin four months. But I finally had my first successful buggy run today. 12-15 knot offshore wind and a 5m Beamer got the job done today! I was hooked before now I'm flat out addicted. I may need help! Anyway. Thank you to everyone on this forum for all the great guidance you all give to us newbies. With out this forum and all of you that make it what it is. Today would never have happened.

Windstruck - 1-2-2016 at 05:49 PM

Wonderful news! Nice way to bust in the New Year. Good luck finding balance from here on out. :D

abkayak - 1-2-2016 at 07:27 PM

:thumbup::thumbup:...if you liked that your gonna love the onshore stuff

Blitzhound - 1-2-2016 at 08:19 PM

I'm definitely excited for a good clean onshore. The wind was doing all kinds of weird stuff. At one point I flew the kite in a full 360 circle! Crazy right. I can't wait to try it with some of my other kites as well.

robinsonpr - 1-3-2016 at 06:46 AM

Great work! You got some nice kites there, wait until you try it with a depower. First decent run I had with my PL Venom I had to get the grin surgically removed!!

mainekite2 - 1-3-2016 at 07:29 AM

Your gonna love the venoms. Got in 25 miles yesterday on a 13m

Windstruck - 1-3-2016 at 08:00 AM

Quote: Originally posted by robinsonpr  
Great work! You got some nice kites there, wait until you try it with a depower. First decent run I had with my PL Venom I had to get the grin surgically removed!!

Happy New Year Paul! Why on earth did you get the grin removed? Should have left it permanently in place. :P

BTW, your Avatar pic always reminds me of old pictures of Eric Idol of Monty Python's Flying Circus fame. :smilegrin:

3shot - 1-3-2016 at 08:35 AM

A first successful buggy run will permanently change your outlook! Congrats!!:thumbup:

KiteBit - 1-4-2016 at 08:32 AM

:thumbup: Woo Hoo! Way to go Blitz!

"Thank you to everyone on this forum for all the great guidance you all give to us newbies. "
I totally agree!

sand flea - 1-5-2016 at 08:22 AM

cool Blitz, I know you have been waiting

see ya at Sunset

PHREERIDER - 1-5-2016 at 08:32 AM

now its a full on situation ! cool

Windy Heap - 1-6-2016 at 08:18 AM

cook me BBQ at SOBB this spring.

Blitzhound - 1-6-2016 at 02:54 PM

I'm already planning the food Windy! Gonna make up some pulled pork and some ribs. I'm even gonna bring you a jar of my homemade BBQ sauce! I'm also planning on bringing the RV this time instead of the tent.
Mainekite2: I'm super stoked to get behind the venoms. I have never flown arcs before and I got the pair of them at a steal. I had the 10m in the air for the first time the other day. But it was not a very successful flight. Not sure if it was me, the kite, or wind. But I couldn't keep the darn thing in the air to save my life. Once I get them figured out. I live right on the Oregon Sand Dunes. Lots of potential riding. But I need Bigfoots on my buggy. The sand is too loose for barrows.

Blitzhound - 2-23-2016 at 10:18 AM

So yesterday. We had a perfect 13mph onshore wind. The sun was shining and the smell of a buggy run was in the air. I broke out my 8m NEO and we made several quarter mile passes. This was my first successful use of a depower. It was like a moment of clarity. I get all the mistakes I have been making. Now that I look back. The first time was not nearly as successful as I had originally thought. The wind is supposed to be in my favor again today and the sun is shining! This could become a worse addiction then it already is. Can't wait for S.O.B.B. To experience this with other buggiers. :thumbup:

robinsonpr - 2-23-2016 at 10:24 AM

Nice one Blitz! It is certainly a serious addiction once you get going!!

WARNING: For your wallet's sake do NOT ever ever EVER sit in somebody else's big cruising buggy....

Windstruck - 2-23-2016 at 10:36 AM

Coming off of soccer fields, paddocks (a shout out to our Down Under friends), small dirt lots, etc., only to get a taste of the sugar, be it long low tide beach runs with clean on shore winds or endless straight shots on the playa, is a life changing experience. Mine came last November with a couple of wonderful days on the Ivanpah playa. Since then hardly a day has gone by without thinking about IBX, now NEXT MONTH!

Get a taste of the sugar and you will be sunk. Join the crowd. :D

Blitzhound - 3-13-2016 at 03:44 PM

This sport has givin me a lot of first in life. Here's another one. I have posted a nice short video of my buggy run on YouTube. I'm attempting to attach the link below. I hope it works and people enjoy watching it as much as I enjoyed making

ssayre - 3-13-2016 at 03:46 PM


ssayre - 3-13-2016 at 03:48 PM

love it. my favorite length of video is 1 minute up to 2 minutes tops. Nice work. looked fun

Blitzhound - 3-13-2016 at 03:54 PM

Thanks ssayre. I see you posted it for me. Haha! First time posting video. Took me a few try's but I got it worked out.

ssayre - 3-13-2016 at 03:56 PM

yep, i saw you got it so I edited mine :)

it took me forever to figure out how to embed a video

Blitzhound - 3-13-2016 at 04:02 PM

I learned a lot from this run. Like the next project I have is making a backrest. At 6' 8" I don't really fit the V-max well. After about an hour my back and stomach muscles were exhausted. But it was Amazing!

Randy - 3-13-2016 at 04:50 PM

Great video and I liked the music. Did a nice job of creating the vibe. Made me wish I was there, for sure. Thanks for posting.

PHREERIDER - 3-14-2016 at 08:37 AM

nice stuff , nothing like well rooted addiction...the only thing that helps is more

abkayak - 3-14-2016 at 04:46 PM

Note to self....kite in Oregon:thumbup:

Blitzhound - 3-14-2016 at 10:30 PM

S.O.B.B is coming up...just sayin!:D

soliver - 3-15-2016 at 06:01 AM

Awesome work Blitz!... don't forget your helmet next time :o

3shot - 3-15-2016 at 06:13 AM

Thanks for sharing! Nice beach!

Blitzhound - 3-16-2016 at 07:13 PM

Bastendorff Beach. Just outside Coos Bay, Oregon. Wonderful beach. It's a beautiful crescent beach which gives you a lot of directional wind range for riding. But on a nice day it can be crowded. Thank you for all the kind words everyone. It means a lot.

Blitzhound - 6-26-2016 at 04:50 PM

When I first wrote this. I was sooooooo excited that I finally got moving in the buggy. I was officially in motion under kite power! Since then my kite adventure has grown considerably. I got out a few more times after the first post and they were not as successful as the first. But it had allowed me to build a little confidence. Enough so that I went out in wind I shouldn't have been in. I didn't know it at the time. But now I look back and know that while I might have survived. I was an IDIOT! I now know that I was way overpowered. At least for my skill level. I put up a PL V10 I was trimmed all the way in and sheeted all the way out and the Vmax I was on with barrows couldn't hold line. I walking sideways a lot. But I was too stupid to be scared. I have since learned that while these big depowers might look intimidating they are in fact very docile. As stupid as I may have been this kite took care of me so to speak. But then I got an even dumber idea. I need a smaller kite. While that wasn't a dumb idea. I didn't have a smaller Depower. So I just went to a smaller FB. That was the dumb idea. Thinking that going from a DP to a FB was even close to being a good idea. Well...I got spanked. I got spanked pretty hard. But I didn't have enough skill or experience to know why. I blamed the kite! My grandfather always said "it's a poor craftsman that blames his tools." He was never so right. It wasn't the kite. It did exactly what it was made to do. I on the other hand simply did not know what I was doing. I took a beating to to my pride, my confidence, my body, my mental state in the buggy, I didn't avoid getting back in the seat but when I did I was scared. I flew scared. I rode scared. This is kinda a new thing for me. I'm still young. I still feel in invincible. I have ridden almost everything that moves. Well...the buggy ends up put away for a few weeks as I head off for work. Then... It's time for SOBB. It's all planned out. I'm going to be there for an entire week. I get out. I talk to fellow buggiers. I get some pointers. I get some seat time. And I decide to learn the FB's better. I take it slow. I take all the advice given to me and I am having a blast. I'm riding almost daily, and I'm getting better and better every time. Just yesterday I was out in 15 knot winds. With my 5m fully lit it was epic. I was doing full speed downturn jibes and power sliding something fierce and lovin every minute of it. In fact I ended up drawing a small crowd of watchers. Until I decided to do the same thing again but up in the soft sand on my little V-max with midi's. Haha. I thought for sure something was going to give out. Either a power line or my poor little buggy. The little midi's dug into the soft sand in the middle of a full speed turn just as I was halfway through the downturn and the buggy came to a screeching halt. WOW! There was some line creeking. I don't know if it was the flying lines or the strop line but holy #@%$#! there was a ton of tension. That was some serious shock load. At no time was I scared. Just the opposite. I found myself whooping it up the whole time. Anyway that's my story and I'm sticking to it. Just wanted to share my story of progression. I've been reading a lot newbies like myself do the same stupid stuff. Trying to do to much too soon and getting hurt. You all are right to advise them to slow down. But you all know as well as I do that that advice falls on deaf ears. Haha. Thank you to everyone at SOBB that helped me get to where I'm at today. We need to grow this sport and have more events. I progressed more in one week at SOBB then I did the entire previous 6 months I had the buggy before.

soliver - 6-27-2016 at 05:00 AM

Sounds like you had some lessons well learned. Getting spanked is always in the cards and how we react to it is key, and it sounds like you reacted appropriately! I was telling my wife recently about how several people had griped about the "How much does that cost?" question on the "this year's best questions" thread, and she replied something to the effect of "Just make sure if someone asks YOU that question, to add in several thousand dollars in ER visits, Insurance Deductibles and time off work.

We do learn important lessons from our mistakes, and I know I have more fun in the buggy now then ever before my major spanking... the proof is in the pudding... just check my last vid posted recently (One of the best sessions I've ever had!) http://www.powerkiteforum.com/viewthread.php?tid=32189

Good on you Blitz.

abkayak - 6-27-2016 at 06:25 AM

getting spank is part of the deal...no way around it
corporal punishment is what needs to be avoided at all costs

Windstruck - 6-27-2016 at 09:28 AM

Nice write up Blitz! You have a good talent with the written word. While I only have about a year of mobile kiting experience under my belt I feel much more in control of things then when I first started out. Been dragged, banged around, cut up, and bruised (both literally and figuratively). Glad to hear you are at least barely self aware enough to keep on the outside of the body bag. ;)

Agreed that we could use more events. I await IBX 2017 with baited breath. Thinking about making a trip at some point out to those beautiful OR beaches of yours. From the forum it is obvious that there are fantastic people enjoying our sport up your way and the beaches are fantastic. Hopefully sooner than later.

I found interesting your discussion about going from DP to FB and the bit$?! slapping you promptly took. Been there, done that. I liken the feel in this transition to one you can get going from a loosely slung mountain bike to a steep angled racing road bike or going from a sea kayak to a racing shell; sort of a geared versus direct drive transition. Both obviously have merits. Personally I've opted to go the geared route with all DP for buggying, skating, and skiing, the three ways I enjoy this sport. I love the direct drive feel of FB but I don't feel as safe and for me safety is key, key, key.

Glad this sport is turning your crank Blitz! :thumbup:

BeamerBob - 6-27-2016 at 01:32 PM

Blitz you might really benefit and certainly enjoy some time to learn and ride with friends at Ivanpah. Registration is open and we had our first two registrants sign up last week. I've heard many times that you can learn more in a week at Ivanpah than in a year back at home. 2017 is planning up to be the best ever IBX.

Blitzhound - 6-28-2016 at 01:32 AM

Thanks for the kind words Windstruck. I do feel much more in control. I'm still not to the point of it being second nature. But I now feel confident in the fact that in time it will. I do still feel much safer strapped to a DP. But I'm no longer afraid of the FB. In fact I now enjoy both of them. I honestly believe that becoming a better FB pilot will serve to make me a better DP pilot. But I don't think it works in the other direction. I could be wrong.

Bob...I would love to make it to IBX next year. I really want to experience riding on a dry lake bed. In fact I'm planning a trip out to Alovard later this summer. I would love to come buggy with friends at IBX.

Abkayak...your absolutely right. Sometimes we need a good ass whooping for no other reason than to remind us that we can. I needed a cold hard reality check and that's exactly what I got!

If at anytime anyone wants to or does make it out to the Oregon Coast. Please hit me up. I am all to happy to have a play date with a fellow kiter. I also keep a ready supply of beer on hand and I just got a new smoker for Father's Day! No I'm not trying to bribe anyone. Or am I?

abkayak - 6-28-2016 at 05:15 AM

beers...i guess we should fly into Eugene.

Bladerunner - 6-28-2016 at 03:55 PM

When you are flying your FB hooked in try holding the handles parallel like a bar. Flying off the strop is similar to flying depower with the bar out. Adding brake only to do your turns is a bit like pulling one side to turn with a bar. Adding a bit of even brake is like pulling in the bar and will give you a noticeable power boost when cruising with the kite set on the edge.

In stronger winds I feel MUCH more comfortable on a depower than hooked in to a FB? In very strong winds I prefer unhooked and my 2.5m

I agree that FB will teach you a lot more about depower than depower teaches you FB.

Whatever you fly, becoming as one with what you have will be far more valuable than chasing different types of kites. Changing it up at the beginning to figure out what you like is good for you but when you do nothing will beat putting in time on that unit. I am still finding out how to get more out of kites I have flown for years.

Blitzhound - 1-18-2018 at 09:00 AM

Its been a long time since the first post. Its been a wonderful ride. This sport is like a fine wine. It only gets better with age. A short while back I got to experience a Playa for the first time. Lots of firsts in this sport for me. Thanks to my good friend Rick A.K.A. Wind_dog. I had an excellent time and cant wait to do it again. Here is a little clip from that trip


I hope to see everyone soon at SOBB!

Windstruck - 1-18-2018 at 09:31 AM

Quote: Originally posted by Blitzhound  
Its been a long time since the first post. Its been a wonderful ride. This sport is like a fine wine. It only gets better with age. A short while back I got to experience a Playa for the first time. Lots of firsts in this sport for me. Thanks to my good friend Rick A.K.A. Wind_dog. I had an excellent time and cant wait to do it again. Here is a little clip from that trip


I hope to see everyone soon at SOBB!

Sweet powerslide! Glad you got some playa action in. Where was that? Once you have experienced smooth wind on a wide open playa, janky wind on a small grass field just is not the same anymore. I have yet to get a buggy run on an ocean beach. Yes, I know right where one is, and yes, I know right when you will all be there very soon. Maybe this Fall.

RedSky - 1-18-2018 at 04:00 PM

Jaw dropping location

jeffnyc - 1-18-2018 at 08:48 PM

Wow, nice blitz!